Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 18

Ruby: In this Veto competition, 6 people are playing. Riviera did have a Veto ticket, but she got mummified last week, so that Veto ticket is considered useless. So, as of right now, the only person not playing is Nagol. I need all players to go to the backyard right now.

Ruby: Okay, to the left of you are isolation stools. I need each of you to get into an isolation stool, go to a computer, read the instructions on the computer screen, and then follow the instructions. Also, do not come out of the isolation stool until you hear bells ringing.

Nolan: (reads the computer screen) As it turns out, aliens used their DNA to create the ultimate space creature: 2 part contestants, and 1 part a purple alien. The computer shows up will show you guys pictures of the space creatures. You must decide which two contestants make up the space creature. If you get a contestant that makes up part of the space creature correct, you will earn a point. The person with the most points will win the Semi-Veto Ability. Hint: For every space creature, there is one contestant is male, and one is female. Press go to start the Veto competition.

*Nolan presses Go*

Nolan: Whoa! That space create has purple skin! This makes this competition much harder.

Nolan: That is some big noise!

Nolan: That's an even bigger noise!

Nolan: Now, that's an even smaller noise.

Nolan: I am seeing a lot of bad noises in the space creatures. I think that either some of the contestants or some of the space creatures needs noise jobs.

Nolan: I sense a little Remy in that space creature, but I do not know the other contestant in the picture. I guess I have to remember the 13 other contestants that are on this season.

Nolan: That's Karissa's hair style, but Nancy is the only contestant with red highlights. And for every space creature, there's 1 male and 1 female. This will be tricky.

Nolan: That space creature's outfit looks like he is in a farmer outfit. They must have farming in otter space.

Nolan: There, I am done! Now, I have to go freaking pee!

Nolan: I am running to the bathroom. Let's hope I don't have an accident!


Ruby: We have everyone's Vetos. Before I announce the Vetos, I will like to say something. We told everyone to stay in their isolation booths until you hear bells ringing. Unfortunately, somebody left their isolation booth before they hear bells ringing to take a bathroom break. That person was.....

Ruby: Nolan! Unfortunately, Nolan has been disqualify from the competition.

*Nolan failed to turn in his Veto competition therefore he has been disqualify. If he fails to turn two more things, then he will be DQ'd from the competition.

Nolan: Ugh, I lost this week's Veto because I took a bathroom break. I hope that Tess wins because there's a possible chance she may use the Veto on me.

Ruby: Nancy, you have gotten a score of one in the Veto. Unfortunately, 4 other people did better than you. You lost this week's Veto. In 4th place of this competition is.....

Ruby: Thomas with a score of 4.

Thomas: Dang!

Ruby: In 3rd place of this competition is...........

Ruby: Remy with a score of 5.

Remy: Darn!

Ruby: Now either Selena or Tess will win the Veto. I can tell you that one of you got a score of 7, and one of you got a score of 10. The person that got the 10 is..........

Ruby: Tess! Congrats Tess, you won this week's Veto.

Tess: Guess what? I won the Veto. This is actually my 2nd Veto that I won. This time, however, I do not technically need it since I am not nominated this week.

Remy: (Read the piece of paper in front of him) To the right of you is the Room of Decisions. The Room of Decisions is a secret room near the Head of Mummification bedroom. Opening the Room of Decisions can release something good or something bad upon the opener or upon the rest of the house.

As Head of Mummification, this is your sim's decision to make:

Inside the Room of Decisions, you will see two celebrities in the room. Neither of the celebrities are Lady GaGa.

You have a choice. Will you open the Room of Decisions, or decide not to open it?

(stops reading the piece of paper in front of him) God, I told my family if I ever get the Room of Decisions, then I am gonna open it no matter what. However, the thing is that I don't want the bad thing to ruin my game. (After 5 minutes) You know what, I'm gonna open it.

Remy: There! I opened it.

Remy: Why is there two televisions in front of me? I guess I am seeing the celebrities through webcam. I don't know. I think I am supposed to sit down in that chair.

(Imagine that is playing in the television shown above that video)

Remy: Hmmm...... I actually like this! I think that "My Jeans" is a great song in my opinion.

(Sorry Haylo if you hate Jenna Rose, but I think that a character like Remy like songs by Rebecca Black/Jenna Rose)

(Meanwhile, somebody rings the doorbell)

Nancy: I'll get it.


Mark: Hello everyone! It feels weird being back here! I feel as if I'll get mummified soon. So, did any of you guys hook-up?

Selena: Me and Zoohoo did!

Mark: Who is Zoohoo?

Selena: My nickname for Thomas

Mark: So you guys have nicknames?

Thomas: I don't have a nickname of Selena.

Mark: Well, make one for her. Anyways, why don't you show me the house?

Nagol: I feel great that Mark Owens came to the house. We have been seeing the same people for over 45 days. It feels good that we saw someone else for a change.

Tess: Well, this is the dining room, where people eat food here.

Remy: Now, this is great. Mark Owens is in the house, and I can't talk to him because I'm locked in here.

Nolan: Now, this is what we like to call the asian room. It basically has an asian theme to it.

Mark Owens: Can you tell me who sleeps here?

Selena: Well, every week, we kinda switch rooms like a college dorm does.


Thomas: This is the Head of Mummification room which is currently locked.

Mark: Well, I gotta get going. I have a concert to get to. A haste la vista!

Contestants: Bye Mark!

Remy: Did I miss him?

Selena: Yes you did!

Remy: Okay, I have gotten the Room of Decisions. It told me I will see two celebrities in the room. I opened it, and I was locked in the Room of Decisions, and there was two televisions. The first television shown one of those videos where Jenna Rose was saying "jack my swag" over, and over again. The 2nd television shown Mark Owens in the house. I was locked in the Room of Decisions which sucks.

Thomas: I feel bad for you,

Remy: Hey, I didn't mind the Jenna Rose part, but I did not like having to be locked, and you guys get to be with Mark Owens in the house.

Nolan: Listen, can you use the Veto on me?

Tess: If I use the Veto on you, then Nagol is gonna be the replacement nominee, and Nagol will feel like the 3rd member of our alliance. I'm mean, it is already bad enough that I didn't pick him on the restaurant outing.

Nolan: Well, can you come out with a hairbrain idea to get Remy to nominate Selena or Thomas.

Tess: I doubt it. Selena and Thomas is basically Remy's alliance. He wants to go to the final 3 with them, but if he does that, he won't go to the final 2 unless he wins the final Head of Mummification. Wait, I think I got an idea. I can tell him that if you go to the final 3 with Selena and Thomas, then you won't go to the final 2 unless you win the final Head of Mummification. So, to prevent that from happening, Remy has to side door one of them. I'll also tell him that if he wants to get mummy jury votes, then he have to make big moves, and sidedooring Selena or Thomas is one of them.

Nolan: That is a good idea. You go tell him that.

Tess: I will!

Tess: Hey Remy, let me be clear on something. You want to go to the final 3 with Selena and Thomas. Am I correct?

Remy: I guess!

Tess: Well, if you do that, you won't be in the final two unless you are able to win the final Head of Mummification.

Remy: OMG, you are right!

Tess: Yeah, I am right! I think that you should sidedoor one of them this week.

Remy: That I have to think about.

Tess: Yeah, if you sidedoor one of them this week, it will prevent both of them to come to the final 2 together. Also, if you want mummy jury votes at the end, you need to make big moves. Sidedooring Selena or Thomas is one of them.

Tess: I told Remy about the idea of him sidedooring Selena or Thomas. If Remy decides to sidedoor Selena or Thomas, then that will be the dumbest move this season. However, he won't be the dumbest contestant on TBAM. That position already belongs to Kellan from the Start.

(Please play this music as you continue reading)

*Day 46*

Tess: We shall bring in the members of the mummy jury.

Tess: This is a reminder. The mummy jury is here to observe, and not to talk to other contestants. Okay, I hold the Semi-Veto Ability. I can use it on one of the two nominees. Before, I tell you my decision, I will like both nominees to give one last chance to convince me to use the Veto on them. Nancy, I'll start with you.

Nancy: Tess, please use the Veto on me. I really do not want to get mummified. You can also gain a new ally if you do use the Veto on me.

Tess: Nolan, it's your turn.

Nolan: Well, Tess, it will be a great honor is you use the Veto on me. If you do that, then I will be very happy. However, it's your decision, and you can do whatever you want with it.

Tess: With that being said, I have made a decision. I have decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability on.........

Tess: Nolan! Remy, because I just veto'd one of your nominees, you must choose a replacement nominee.

Remy: Well, this is gonna be a really tough decision for me. I have decided for.......

Selena to be my replacement nominee because she is a really good player. Sorry!

Tess: This Veto ceremony is adjourned.

Tess: Oh my freaking god! Selena is on the block. Remy is so stupid in my opinion for doing that in my opinion.

Selena: I feel shocked and betrayed right about now! My 2nd biggest ally is Remy, and he just betrayed me. I feel as if I will be going home thanks to that rat.

Remy: I hope I make the right decision. If I want a spot in the final two, I have to be sure that Selena goes home.

*Stay tune for Episode 19*