Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 19

Selena: How can this happen? I thought Remy was my alliance. I know for a fact that I am going to get mummified.

Thomas: Don't say that.

Selena: Come on. Like as if Tess, Nagol, and Nolan would of keep Nancy around. She will be easy to beat at the end. It was so stupid to trust Remy.

Remy: Look, I am sorry Selena. I did wanted to take you guys to the end until I realized if I do that, then I won't have a spot in the final 2. Plus, you are a huge competitor.

Selena: No, I am not. Me, you, Thomas, and Nagol only won one competition.

Remy: That's not the point. The point is I just can't play your game.

Selena: I didn't say you were playing my game.

Remy: You know what. As you much as you feel bad, I feel like garble too.

Selena: Garble?

Remy: Oh, I meant garbage.

Selena: Well, you should you feel like garbage too!

Remy: Good!

Selena: You know what.

Selena: Me and Thomas have been nothing, but kind to you. We were going to the final 3, but then you ****** backstabbed us in the face.

Remy: Please do not swear in front of me.

Selena: Well, **** you ****** mother ******* ***** *****.

Remy: That's it. I'm leaving this room.

Remy: Times like these, I really want my mama. I really do miss her. I kinda wish that my mama were to come into the house, and give Selena a lecture about not swearing.

Selena: I know for a fact that I'm going home, but I am gonna leave with a bang.

Selena: Guys, I'll like to call a house meeting.

Selena: Listen, I have certain points to bring out to all of you guys. First of all, I am not sure why people say I'm a competitor. I only won one competition.

Selena: Nolan and Tess are the only two people that won more one competition. Nolan won the 3rd veto competition, and he was the 4th Head of Mummification. Tess won the first Veto competition, and she won this week's Veto competition. They should get mummified.

Remy: Plus, Remy betrayed me this week. I was aligned with Remy until he nominated me. Because of that, he can't be trusted, so he should go.

Selena: Plus, Nagol is the only person that hasn't been nominated. Do not let him pull a Stephan. He should at least get nominated next week to know what it feels like to get nominated.

Selena: All in all, you need to get rid of Tess, Nolan, and Remy soon, and nominate Nagol soon. This house meeting is adjourned.

Tess: OMG! Selena is just being a drama queen! She said I should go home because I won two competitions. Well, both of the competitions are Veto competitions. I haven't yet won a Head of Mummification competition.

Nagol: Ugh, **** Selena. I hope I don't get nominated next week because of Selena.

Nolan: God, Selena is just digging her own grave. I hope that Karissa and Riviera give Selena a hard time in the mummy jury house.

Remy: Okay, now I feel really hurt. I want my mama!

Selena: Okay, I told people I was going to leave with a bang. That house meeting was the most interesting thing we had since the gun incident that James had.

*Day 48*

Ruby: Hello viewers at home. I know I'm in the living room right now. I will be in the living soon talking to the contestants, and announcing the results of the vote. But first, I will like to show you guys what is happening in the mummy jury house. Take a look:

*Day 42*

Karissa: So, do you ever played chess?

Riviera: I used to play chess with Dan until he broke up with me for you.

Karissa: Yeah, the funny thing is that he still doesn't know how I feel about him. He will have to wait about a month to let him know how you feel.

Riviera: Yeah, it was kinda a dumb move to break-up with me. If he haven't break up with me, then he would of gotten a golden key.

Karissa: Living with Riviera for one week is kinda unusual in a way. We had our issues in the past. She nominated me, and I voted to mummify her.

*Night 43*

Karissa: So you think will win Head of Mummification?

Riviera: I don't know! I don't think Nancy will win.

Karissa: Well, she may be an underestimated competitor.

Riviera: Well, she may be. I am gonna laugh if Nancy wins. That will show that they should of gotten rid of her instead of me. Anyways, let's continue watching The Dark Knight.

*Day 44 After the Nominations Ceremony*
Riviera: So Remy has won Head of Mummification, and he nominated Nancy and Nolan. Also, he's sadly out of his overalls.
Karissa: Don't worry, I'll buy them online for you.
Riviera: Yay!
*Day 46 After the Veto Ceremony*

Riviera: Okay, I am in shock right now. Who would ever thought Remy would nominate Selena?

Karissa: I know! Because of that, I highly doubt that Remy is gonna win. There is this little thing called Karma, and I think that karma is gonna bite Remy right in the ***.

Riviera: I know!
Ruby: Hello everybody. We are here live in the living room. Before I talked to the contestants, we shall bring in the members of the mummy jury.
Ruby: Remember, the mummy jury is here to observe, not to interact with the other contestants that are still in the game.
Ruby: Remy, you opened the Room of Decisions. You came put having two bad punishments. You have to listen to Jenna Rose, and you are able to interact with Mark Owens in the house. Which was worst?
Remy: Not being able to interact with Bark Owens.
Ruby: You mean Mark Owens.
Remy: It's the same thing.
Ruby: Nagol, you are the only person left that hasn't been nominated. Tell me how it feels.
Nagol: It feels awesome, Ruby. Hopefully, I can pull a Stephan.
Ruby: Selena, what it feels like to beat Thomas in a kung fu battle?
Selena: Well, it kinda feels good. I know Thomas may be a bit embarrassed to be beaten by a girl. It also feels good to have a foot massage from him.
Ruby: Also, you had a very interesting house meeting 2 days ago. Do you have anything to say about that?
Selena: Yes. I am very sorry for that. I kinda feel as if I will be going to get mummified soon even if I had not started the house meeting.

*Please play this, and continue reading*
Ruby: Well, I have the results. The person who received the most votes will have a few moments to say goodbye, and start their mummification. By a vote of 3-1,
Ruby: Selena, you are the 3rd mummy juror.
Selena: Well, this isn't shocking. Just for the record, I want you guys to be making big moves while I'm gone. And when I mean big moves, I mean big moves without betraying people. Au revoir.

Ruby: Well, Remy just got rid of Selena despite the fact Selena and Thomas were Remy's best friends. Was it worth it? We'll see. Good night everyone.
*Stay tune for Episode 20*