Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 20

*Day 49*

Ruby: Hello everybody. We are here with Selena. We shall interview her. So, Selena, this week, Remy has betrayed you by sidedooring you. Do you think Remy can win after his betrayal?
Selena: I don't think it was wise of Remy to side-door me, and I don' t really think there Remy I know would do that. I'm a little upset because he must of not trusted me

Ruby: What is the future for you and Thomas?

Selena: I hope we have a nice future together, but I only hope if he wins, he still has time for me! Fingers crossed!

Ruby: Did you learned anything during your stay in the Battle Against Mummification?

Selena: I learned loads, not to boss people, threaten them, even if you had the chance. I've learned quite a bunch of life lessons too.

Ruby: Well, Selena, you will help decide the winner of The Battle Against Mummification. I need you to go to the mummy jury house where Karissa and Riviera are waiting for you.

Selena: OK!

Ruby: Coming up! The Head of Mummification competition! Who has what it takes to win it? We will find out after this commercial break.

Ruby: We are back, and here with the Head of Mummification competition. The Head of Mummification is the most powerful position in the game. Free from the threat of mummification, the Head of Mummification must put two people on the chopping block. Who has what it takes to win this week? Let's find out! (to the contestants) Contestants, the power is up for grabs.

Ruby: Remy, as outgoing Head of Mummification, you are not egibile to compete.

Ruby: This competition is called "Count On The Food".For this Head of Mummification competition, you guys will deal with something everybody loves: Food. However, you won't be eating food. You will be counting them. For each round, I will be asking how much food is shown in the television near me. Each answer will be a number. You must write down what you think is the answer in the boards to the The player who is furthiest from the correct answer will be eliminated. The last player standing will be the new Head of Mummification. Is everybody clear?

Contestants: Yes

Ruby: Let's begin!

Ruby: For Round 1, tell me how many ice cubes are in the bowl shown in the television near me.

(The contestants answers are shown above)

Ruby: The correct answer is 27. I am sorry, but Tess, since you are the furthest away from the correct answer, you are eliminated.

Tess: Ugh, I can never win a Head of Mummification. I'm the first person to win two Veto competition, yet I suck at H.O.M. competitions.

Ruby: For Round 2, tell me how many banana slices are in the bowl shown in the television near me.

(The answers are shown above)

Ruby: The correct answer is 29. Nancy, since you are the furthest away, you are eliminated from the competition.

Nancy: Another lost for me. It has been 49 days, and I was never able to win a competition. I haven't able to win a Veto. Dan was mummified week 3, and yet, he was able to win a competition. I just plain suck at competitions.

Ruby: For Round 4, tell me how many goldfish crackers are in the cup shown in the television near me.

(The contestants' answers are shown in the picture above)

Ruby: The correct answer is 72. Thomas, since you are the furthest away from the correct answer, you are eliminated from the competition.

Thomas: I am kinda upset that I lost. I felt as if I needed to win. I have nobody to trust now since Selena is gone, and Remy betrayed me by sidedooring Selena. The only person I can align with right now is Nancy.

Ruby: For this round, please tell me how many pieces of dog food are in the cup shown in the television near me.

Ruby: The correct answer is 122. Congrats Nolan! You won this week's Head of Mummification.

Nolan: Yay! I won! I thought I was kinda a target for mummification after the whole entire house meeting that we had. Now, I have 20% chance of winning this season.

*Stay tune for the rest of the episode*

Nagol: Holy ****! The table got smaller!

Thomas: This must mean that we are getting closer to the final 2.

Tess: Yeah, we all have an 1 in a 6 shot at winning this game. Well, Nolan has an 1 in 5 shot.

Nolan: Yeah, let's bring on the final days. The final days are gonna be tough though because you have to whatever it takes to win.

Thomas: Man, when that table shrink, it reminds me of how close am I at winning this game. If I make to the final 2, Selena will be so proud of me. I miss Selena a lot, but that ain't gonna stop me from playing this game.

Nolan: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Nolan: OMG, it's still my favorite color.

Tess: But it's in a different design.

Nagol: At least it isn't orange. Almost every single H.O.M. room last season was orange.

Remy: Honestly, I could care less about Nolan's H.O.M. room. We kinda already saw one of his rooms before. It's like seeing a rerun of Scooby Boo.

Remy: Hey Nanny.

Nancy: It's Nancy.

Remy: Whatever. Listen, I was wondering maybe you and I should be.....um.....what's the word?

Nancy: Dating?

Remy: No! That is so not the word. I remember it rhymes with fries.

Nancy: Guys?

Remy: No that isn't the word.

*5 minutes later*

Remy: Oh, I think I know the word. Allies. You and I should be allies.

Nancy: I am sorry, but we can't be allies. Last week, you betrayed Selena. How can I be aligned with a betrayer?

Nancy: So, Remy asked me to align with him. How can I align with someone who betrayed Selena who was on Remy's side? I prefer playing chess by myself like I have been doing rather than aligned with Remy.

*Day 50*

Tess: Listen, I think you need to talk to Nancy. She is basically a free agent since Thomas and Remy are no longer allies now.

Nolan: What should I talk to her about?

Nagol: Just asked if Nancy has been asked to join any other alliances.

Nolan: Okay, I will do that, but you guys have to leave the room when I asked her if anybody asked her to join an alliance with her.

Nolan: Hey Nancy. I have a quick question. Did anybody approach with any alliances?

Nancy: Remy did, but I rejected him.

Nolan: Why you rejected him?

Nancy: Do you even remember what happens last week? He sidedoor Selena despite the fact that Selena was her ally.

Nolan: So you rejected him because you know you can't trust him.

Nancy: Yeah, basically.

Nolan: I talked to Nancy, and she said Remy approached her with an alliance, but Nancy rejected her. Now, I want to bring up Remy, and ask him his side of the story.

Nolan: Listen, Remy, I was wondering if you approach Nancy with any alliances.

Remy: Well, Nancy did approach me with an alliance, but I rejected it.

Nolan: Why?

Remy: Because I want to.

Nolan: Okay, according to Nancy, Remy approach her with an alliance, but she rejected him, and according to Remy, Nancy approach him with an alliance, but he rejected her. Okay, someone has got to be lying. I need to get to the bottom of this, because either Nancy or Remy are lying. Heck, they both may be lying, and Remy and Nancy may be in an alliance after all.

Nolan: Listen, I need to know the truth. Nancy told me Remy approach her about making an alliance, and she rejected the alliance. However, Remy told me that Nancy approach Remy about making an alliance, and he rejected the alliance. At least one of you is lying. I need to know the truth right now.

Remy: Well, I know I am telling the truth.

Nancy: Um, I remember it was you who approach me with an alliance.

Remy: No, I'm pretty sure it was you.

Nancy: No, it was you.

Remy: Look, I am 100% sure it was you who approached me with an alliance.

Nancy: Well, I swear on my mother's life it was you.

(After 5 minutes of arguing between Nancy and Remy)

Remy: Oh wait! Maybe it was me who approached Nancy about the whole entire alliance thing!

Nancy: You almost made me look bad! Nolan could of thought that I was the one lying, and I could get nominated because of that. There's no way in hell I am gonna align with you. I would trust Ronnie the Rat before I trust you.

Nancy: Ugh, Remy almost put in a bad spot. I have been nominated 2 times in a row, and I do not want to make that 3 times in a row.

Remy: Nancy, just give me a break. I just got the story mixed up. Just apologize to me like my mom always does.

Thomas: Hey, I just came up here to see where your head's at, and to see if I am gonna nominated or not.

Nolan: Look, I think I am gonna nominate Nancy and Remy just because of the fact there has so much drama between those two. Just be sure that neither of them win the Veto.

Thomas: Okay!

Nolan: I told Thomas that I was gonna nominate Nancy and Remy for mummification. If I did nominate Nancy and Remy, my biggest fear is that Thomas will approach Nancy with an alliance, then Thomas wins the Veto, then Thomas will use the Veto on Nancy, and Thomas and Nancy will send one of my allies home. I just may have to nominate Nancy and Thomas just to be sure that won't. It's not like I have to make a decision right now. I have until tomorrow to decide.

Thomas: Nolan told me that he is gonna nominate Nancy and Remy. My plan is that to align with Nancy, then try to win the Veto, then use the Veto on Nancy, then me and Nancy will control the votes, and we will vote off Remy. The reason why I want to do that is because if the nominations stay the same, then Tess and Nagol could vote off Nancy, and make Remy stay for another week. I do not want that to happen. I want Remy to get mummify ASAP. He needs to be taught a lesson saying that you don't go backstabbing friends in the back. Let's just hope that Nolan isn't lying.

Thomas: Listen, I was wondering if you would align with me.

Nancy: Well, considering you can be trusted unlike Remy, I would.

Thomas: Thanks! Just for the record, if you and Remy get nominated this week, and I win the Veto, then I will use the Veto just as long as you promise me something.

Nancy: What do you want me to promise?

Thomas: That you'll vote to mummify Remy.

Nancy: Okay, I promise.

*Day 51*

Nolan: This is the nomination ceremony. Before I announce my nominations, we shall bring in the mummy jury.

Nolan: Remember, the mummy jury is only here to observe. They are not to speak. This is the nominations ceremony. During this ceremony, I shall nominate 2 contestants up for nomination. One of the two people I nominate will be mummified unless the Semi-Veto Ability is used, and the replacement nominee goes home. I have decided to nominate...........

Nancy, and...............

Remy for mummification. There is some drama between you two with the rejected alliance request. I want to break up that drama, therefore, that's why I have decided to nominate you guys both. This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for Episode 21*