Friday, January 6, 2012

Confessions of a Simaholic #8

Simming Confession #8- When Big Brother 13 was on, I wanted to make parody videos of the contestants using the Sims 3. Here is some of my parody videos that I have up with:

Keith flirting with every single girl in the house in a parody of Where Them Girls At?
Julie reveals a twist that Shelly is actually a man in a parody of Firework
Jordan talks about dumb she is in a parody of Moves Like Jagger
Alison G. (the producer of Big Brother) talks about how Brendon coming back was rigged in a parody of Amish Paradise

And many more.

(Okay that confession is barely sims-related. The only thing that is basically sims-related is that I wanted to make these in the Sims 3, but it kinda counts as a simming confession.

Real-Life Confession: When I was young, I thought all dogs are male, and all cats are female.

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