Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I find it weird that.........

I find it weird that when people googled stuff, and they find my blog. It is kinda odd that anyone could just find my blog. This blog is supposed to be viewed by simmers (though it is very often where I talk about something not related to the sims). So, if a non-simmer find the blog through google, I think that they will be like "WTF? This is supposed to be a sims-related blog. Why are they talking about Lady GaGa (or Survivor, or Big Brother).

For example, I recently googled "39 day survivor challenge". My recent blog posts of days 4, 5, and 6 is shown in the top page. Really? Out of all the pages that could shown up, mine is the first page.

Also, if you google Daniele Donato SHOCKER, it will show up in the first page as well. I know SHOCKER is kind of Daniele's catchphrase, but come on. Like I said, why does my blog post shown in the first page.

It will be kind of odd if a random person decides to comment on this post. I probably gonna say "Who the f*ck are you?"


  1. This might give you an answer as to why it always shows up on the first page.


  2. Here's another one more detailed: