Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Sims 3 is becoming like Facebook

Okay, let me rant for a little bit:

During the spring of 2010, a certain simmer named firestar gotten banned in the officials for posting her Facebook account.

Then, under the community tab on the official Sims 3 website, there was a Facebook tab that links to the official Facebook page of The Sims 3.

Then, they gave us the option to share our creations through Facebook!

Then, when Generations came out, they gave us the option to share our memories on Facebook.

Then, the Sims Social came out, which you need Facebook to play it,

Then, the expansion pack that should of never been created called Showtime was announced , and they gave us social interactions WHICH NO BODY WANTS.

Then, they will change my page which is basically like a Facebook wall.

I think it is very hypercritical that EA has done all this stuff about Facebook, yet somebody got banned for posting her Facebook. I think that EA should just put this picture below all around their headquarters:

EA should just cut out the Facebook, and focus on stuff that we actually want like University, or Seasons. I kinda wished I could just buy a mac version of the Sims 2, and play the Sims 2 because there is nothing about Facebook in the Sims 2.

As many of you guys know, I won't be buying Showtime. I do not want to have a single piece of crap in that ep.

Also, just for something funny, SimGuruHydra posted this at the end of post announcing the changes to the My Page:

We're confident that you are going to love the new functions on your My Page

Yeah, EA was so wrong

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