Thursday, February 2, 2012

39-Day Survivor Challenge: Day 22, 23, and 24

Day 22

Worst Twist

I have a tough time with this one. I was thinking about 3 twists. One twist is Wanda and Jonathan getting eliminated without having a tribe just because they weren't pick for one, one twist is the Have vs. Have Not twist in Fiji, and the last twist was the Purple Rock (it may not count as a twist but before there was a deadlock tie, they use previous votes, but in Marquesas, they use the Purple Rock). However, I went with the Purple Rock:

The Purple Rock

Come on, the purple rock is so unfair. Paschal did not receive a single vote during his stay in the Marquesas. He gotten eliminated for getting a purple rock despite the fact that nobody voted to eliminate him.

The Purple Rock is the worst way to solve a tie. Because of the purple rock, people are afraid to let it be a tie. Basically, the only way people want it to be a tie is if they want spilt the vote to get rid of a hidden immunity idol (or do a plan voodoo).

So, therefore, the purple rock is the worst twist of Survivor.

Day 23

Best Challenge:

The Dance-off in Survivor: Fiji

Come on. The majority of Survivor challenges are either:

A water challenge
A puzzle
An endurance challenge

Now, this is a completely fun challenge. Who would ever thought a dance-off in Survivor: Fiji?

Day 24

Most Annoying Jeff-ism

I will have to say when Jeff Channels His Mother in Survivor: Nicaragua.

In case you didn't know, there was an alliance between Holly, Sash, Chris, and Jane. Their next target is Fabio. However, Fabio has won individual immunity. Soon, Holly, Sash, and Chris soon turned on Jane when they felt as if Jane will win if she goes to the final 23 Then, at tribal council Jeff said something like "Well, let's refer back to what my mother said. Why don't those three come together, and vote out one of the other three?" I think went too far in that one. He basically strategize for Fabio, Dan, and Jane. Then, Jane went to Fabio and Dan, and told them to vote out Holly. If Holly were to actually go, it would be because of Jeff's inappropriateness. Plus, we do not want another repeat of the purple rock.

I hope that I never see such display on the show again.

(Sorry for no picture or video. There isn't really a picture for this one)

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