Tuesday, February 7, 2012

39 Day Survivor Challenge- Days 25, 26, and 27

Day 25:

Best Storyline

It would have to be the storyline would have to be the storyline of the Black Widow brigade. That storyline keeps Survivor interesting, and you never know who get eliminated next.

You see Jason, Erik, James, and Ozzy were challenge dominators. The 2 only people who won an immunity challenge in the Black Widow Brigade were Amanda, and Parvati. However, Parvati won immunity after every single person say that they won't vote out Jason. Lead by Parvati and Cirie, they lead a series of blindslides:

First, they form the betrayal of their longtime ally, Ozzy.

Then, the idol that Ozzy had was replaced by a new one. Jason find the new idol, so the ladies convinced him that he was safe, but as it turns out, he gotten voted out after Ozzy.

Then, after James was evacuated from the game, Erik won individual immunity. All the fans wanted to get rid of Amanda, but Amanda played the hidden idol neglecting the votes cast against her, and Alexis was blindslided by an unianimous 2-0 vote.

Then, Erik gave up freaking immunity to Natalie, and 4 out of the 5 members of the Black Widow Brigade made it to the final 4.

Dag 26

Favorite Tribe or Alliance

Like I sad before The Black Widow Brigade.

They pull a series of blind slides making Fans vs. Favorites unpredictable.

And just for the record, there is a difference between the storyline of the Black Widow Brigade, and the actual alliance. The storyline of the Black Widow Brigade has to deal with what actually happens between the alliance. The Black Widow Brigade has to deal with the alliance itself.

Also, since I am talking about the Black Widow Brigade so much, I thought I share this "villainous" version of the Black Widow Brigade.

That made me LOL!

Day 27

Favorite Final 2/3

I will have to say the final 2 in Tocantins (who weren't members of the Black Widow Brigade)

J.T. and Stephan were the best duo to play this game. They have a number disadvantage when they got to the merge, and they were able to make it to the final 2. Plus, J.T. was able to not receive a single vote, and he gotten all the votes from all 7 jurors. It is kinda more impressive than when Earl won by an unanimous vote because he was sitting next to Cassandra (who really didn't do anything), and Dreamz (who went back on his word by keeping the final immunity costing Yauman 1 million dollars despite the fact Yauman made a deal with him saying if Dreamz were to win the immunity challenge in the final 4, he would give it to Yauman) where as J.T. was sitting next to "the best".

(Though if Erinn or Stephan were to win the final immunity, this final 2 will be totally different)

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