Friday, February 10, 2012

39 Survivor Day Challenge- Days 31, 32, and 33

Day 31

Best Comeback

This has to go to one person:

Chris Daugherty

He outlasted an alliance of women. During the immunity challenge where Chris's fiancée get to play a role in, he told her that his fate is sealed after he lost. However, Scout, Twila, Eliza, and him got to get together, and created a power shift. By the final 5, he was in control of the game when he was to take either Eliza and Julie to end, or Twila and Scout to the end. He ended up taking Twila and Scout to the end because he had a more likely chance of winning the final immunity if he did take them. He ended up taking Twila and Scout to the end, and winning the final immunity. Then, he ended up winning by a 5-2 vote, and outlasting all 6 of the women.

Day 32:

Best Blindslide

I will have to say:

The Ozzy Blindslide in Micreneasia

That blind slide was only just the start of the series of blindslides Black Widow Brigade pulled. Yes, Mary/Mikey B/Joel got blindslided, but the Black Widow Brigade wasn't even formed when they were blindslided. He had it coming too because he was overconfident, and cocky.

He had his chance to redeem himself last season in South Pacific. However, despite people's opinions, I think that he didn't. Instead, he played a bad social and strategic game, and he got voted out 3 times. Yes, one of those times was intentional, but that intentional one could of been one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history. Plus, it was pointless because Christine would of align herself with the Savaii tribe if she were to get back in the game. They should voted out Cochran instead of Ozzy.

Now, I was talking to someone on youtube, and he said Ozzy was a good player. I'm like no. He played a terrible social and strategic game in South Pacific, and he got voted out 3 times that season. Then, that person said "Well, one of those times was intentional". I then stated that could of been the dumbest move in Survivor, and it was pointless because Christine would of align herself with the Savaii tribe. Then, he said "Well, Ozzy wanted to go to the merge with 6 strong members instead of 5 strong people instead of one grey person." Then, I said in my head


I'm sorry if that person is reading this, but that person truly does not know about the game of Survivor. I haven't been in any interactive Survivor shows. but I have been in a lot of Big Brother shows. Big Brother is kinda similar in a way to Survivor because they both involves strategic moves, alliances, and competitions.

All in all, Ozzy was a terrible player. Since Coach wants to sit next to the best, Ozzy was not sitting in the final 3 in South Pacific because he wasn't the best. Plus, the jurors say that Ozzy played a great game. If he played a great game, then why the heck was he on redemption island for most of the merge?

Day 33

Funniest Moment

It will have to be

Come on! How many winners get as excited as Big Tom in that video when they find out they just won a million dollars? 0! Big Tom is just plain awesome!

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