Friday, February 17, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 21

In this episode of the Battle Against Mummification,

Remy has won the Semi-Veto Ability in a competition called "Otev the Teddy Bear".

A mummified teddy bear named Otev wants the contestants to bring him teddy bears representing the eliminated contestants for this season. He will say a clue to a contestant, and then the contestants will then brings the teddy beat of the contestant that corresponds to the the clue. If 1 person beings the wrong teddy bear, then that person is eliminated. If more than 1 contestant tells me the wrong contestant, than whoever is slower to get the incorrect teddy will be eliminated. If everybody gets it right, then the person who is last to bring a teddy will get eliminated. The last person standing will hold this week's Semi-Veto Ability.

Nagol was eliminated round 1, Nolan in round 2, Thomas in round 3, Nancy in round 4, and Tess in the final round.

Nolan had the opportunity to open the Room of Decisions, but he decided not to open it.

Remy then used the Veto on himself in the Veto meeting.

Thomas ended up being the replacement nominee. Who will be voted out in the next episode of the Battle Against Mummification? Plus, what is happening in the jury house? All will be revealed in the next episode of The Battle Against Mummification.

(Sorry Dylan if you didn't want Thomas to be the replacement nominee, and/or you wanted to open the Room of Decisions. You failed to reply to the e-mail I sent you, so I made you not open the Room of Decisions. I also think you would of nominated Thomas if you actually replied to the e-mail [No offense to Thomas's creator])

(And sorry for the short episode. I kinda don't want to spend too much time because there's a sims reality show that I really want to join, and the sign-ups will be posted tonight)