Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 22

Thomas: I am gonna try my hardest to stay this week. If Nancy goes this week, then I will have a 20% chance of winning the Battle Against Mummification. First, I will try to make a deal with Tess and Nagol because I know for a fact that Remy is going to vote to mummify me. I will also put on a comedy show so that people can laugh, and they wanna keep me.

Thomas: Houseguests, it is time for the Thomas comedy show. I need all the houseguests to go to the living room.

Thomas: Welcome houseguests to the Thomas comedy show. I have a couple of questions to ask to each and everyone one of you. First of all, Tess, will you marry me.................................................NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?

*everybody starts laughing*

Tess: You *****. You siked me out. I thought that you really wanted to marry me.

Thomas: Yeah, I didn't really want to marry you. My heart belongs to Selena. Anyways, Nancy, do you want to here a blonde joke?

Nancy: Sure!

Thomas: A red-head, a brunette, and a blonde went on a trip to the desert. They each brought one item for survival. The red-head brought water. The blonde asked, "Why?" The red-head replied, "To prevent us from dying of thirst." The brunette brought food. The blonde asked, "Why?" The brunette replied, "To prevent us from dying ofhunger." The blonde brought a car door. The red-head and brunette asked, "Why?" The blonde replied, "To roll down the window if it gets hot."

*everybody starts laughing again*

Thomas: Now, Remy, do you love your mama?

Remy: Yes I who. I miss her so much.

Thomas: I think you mean Yes I do.

Remy: Whatever.

Thomas: Well, yo mama's so poor that she wears her McDonalds uniform to church.

(Everybody starts laughing again)

Remy: Hey, my mama doesn't work at McDonalds.

Thomas: Now, Nagol, knock knock.

Nagol: Who's there?

Thomas: Me!

Nagol: Me who?


*everybody starts laughing*

Thomas: Nolan, who invented the telephone?

Nolan: Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas: That is the incorrect answer. The correct answer is "A person".

*Everybody starts laughing*

Tess: OMG! Thomas starts cracking me up. I can sense some strategy into this.

Thomas: Listen, I just wanted to talk to you guys. I just wanted say that if I survive this week, then you two will be safe no matter. All I want to do is get rid of Remy, and that is it.

Nagol: What will happen if you win Head of Mummification, and Remy wins the Veto?

Thomas: Nolan will go home. I swear on my life that you two won't go home if I win Head of Mummification next week. However, the only way that I'd be able to compete in the next Head of Mummification competition is if you two vote to mummify Nancy.

Tess: Thomas has brought up some really good stuff. If we keep Nancy around, me and Nagol will basically be guarantee a spot in the final 4 unless of course Remy wins it.

Tess: Listen, I think that we should keep Thomas because if Nancy were to get mummified this week, then we will basically be guarantee a spot in the final 4 unless Remy wins it.

Nagol: Well, Nancy is the only remaining contestant that has not won a single competition in this game. If we take her to the final 4, then we can easily beat her in the H.O.M. competition and the Veto competition.

Tess: Well, let me remind you that some people have not won a single competition in Big Brother until they get to the final 5.

Nagol: Which people are you talking about?

Tess: As far as I remember, Ivette the ***** in Big Brother 6 did not win a single competition until the final 5, and so did Lane and Enzo in Big Brother 12, and Sheila in Big Brother 9.

Nagol: Well, the competition was thrown to Ivette and Sheila. You do have a point in Lane and Enzo though.

Tess: Plus, remember Cowboy?

Nagol: Yeah, he was the worst player to play this game until we saw Adam. Though he was so close to everything, He was so close in winning the HOH competitions. He was so close to winning Big Brother 5. He was so close to making it to Big Brother All-Stars. He was so close to making it to Big Brother 11.

Tess: Yeah, Cowboy was a terrible player, yet he went on to winning the final POV which was certainly wasn't thrown to him because everybody was in separate rooms during the POV.

Nagol: Oh yeah. I remember that. He then went on to evict his sister.

Tess: The point is that just because Nancy hasn't won a competition doesn't mean that she will not win a competition in the future.

Nagol: Now, I kinda don't know what to do. If we keep Thomas, then me and you will go to the final 4 unless Remy is able to win the Head of Mummification. If we keep Nancy, then in my opinion, we may have an easier time with beating her in the competitions though it doesn't mean she can't win a competition. I kinda wish right now I could flip a coin to decide.

*Day 55*

Ruby: Hello everybody! We are live on Day 55. As of right now, we will show you what has been happening in the mummy jury house. Let's take a look:

*Day 50*

Karissa: Good morning!

Selena: Good morning gals! I am a newbie here, so is there any rules?

Riviera: Yes, don't walk out the front door unless we are going to the Battle Against Mummification house to watch a ceremony.

Selena: I did I got backstabbed by Remy who was my ally. I kinda am bitter, but I am gonna try my hardest to make my time in the mummy jury house enjoyable.

Selena: Hey Karissa. I was wondering if there may be a secret passage in this house. I mean, this house seems like a haunted house, so let's look for a secret passage in this house.

Karissa: I doubt there is one. I think the producers double-checked this house to see if there is no secret passage, but we can look for one.

Karissa: Did you found one yet?

Riviera: No, but I hope I will soon!

Karissa: Well, I have to go to bed. Unlike you two, I actually have to sleep.

Selena: Good night Karissa!

Riviera: Good night!

Karissa: I look all over for a secret passageway, and I can not find one. It is late at night right now, I need to get some sleep. I have to go to the Battle Against Mummification house.

*Day 51*

Selena: OMG. Thank god Remy is nominated. If he wins the Veto, then I will be terribly sad.

Karissa: I know you would! If one of my allies betrayed me, I would mad at them too!

*Day 53*

Selena: I can't believe it! Remy has won the Veto, and Zoohoo ended up being the replacement nominee. Now, Zoohoo will most likely get mummified, and now, he won't go home with 1 million dollars!

Riviera: Hey don't say that! Thomas could do some major convincing in order to stay another week.

Selena: Still I am upset that Remy that won the Veto. He doesn't deserve to be in the final 5 after what he has done to me.

Riviera: Selena is definitely upset that Remy has won the Veto. I can understand her. If someone were to betrayed me, then I would be upset at that person who cost me 1 million dollars.

*Day 55*

Ruby: We are here live in the Battle Against Mummification house. We are currently talking to the contestants. We shall now bring in the mummy jury.

Ruby: Now, before I announce the results, I have a couple of questions to ask.

Ruby: My first question goes to Nolan. Nolan, how it's like to be the first person so far this season to win Head of Mummification twice?

Nolan: It feels good! I did not have to worry about being nominate two times. Well, three if you include the Veto that I did.

Ruby: Also, you had the opportunity to open the Room of Decisions, but you didn't. Do you have any regrets that decision?

Nolan: Well, opening the Room of Decisions can hurt your game, so no, I do not have any regrets on not opening the Room of Decisions.

Ruby: Remy,

Remy: This better not be a Math question.

Ruby: Don't worry, it isn't. There has been some intension between you and Nancy.

Remy: Some what?

Ruby: Some intension.

Remy: Oh!

Ruby: What is the status between you two?

Remy: We are okay.

Ruby: Nancy, you are nominated for the third time in a row which a record in the Battle Against Mummification. If you survived this week's mummification, will you consider yourself the best pawn in the Battle Against Mummification?

Nancy: I will probably be the best pawn in the Battle Against Mummification considering how no one else has been nominated three times in a row.

(Please play the music and continue reading)

Ruby: Well, it's time to announce the results. When I revealed the results, the person with the most votes will only have a few moments to say goodbye, and start his or her mummification. By a vote of 2-1, Thomas, you are the fourth mummy juror.

Thomas: Well, I have a couple of things to say to you all. First of all, I will like to thank the one person who didn't vote to mummify me. Second of all, I will like to thank the producers of the show being one of the 14 contestants on this season. Third of all, I love you Selena, and we will be sure to have lots of fun in mummy jury house. Fourth of all, Remy, I just want you to remember this phrase: What goes around comes around.

Ruby: Well, there is only 5 of you left in the house. You now have a 20% chance at winning the Battle Against Mummification. I wish each of you good luck. You are gonna need it. Goodnight!

*Stay tune for Episode 23*