Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Review on Episode #1 of Survivor One World EDITTED

Edit- I changed my opinions, and I added some new opinions.

This is my review on episode of Survivor: One World.

Well, first of they didn't showed us a theme song. It seems like Survivor does not mess around with theme songs any more. At least the Redemption Island season.

Second of all, I am not really liking the men this season. They stole from the girls' supplies, and they have Matt who is kinda a d-bag. The only man that I like is Colton because he is the only person willing to make an alliance with girls.

Third of all, that was a pointless tribal council. The only thing they done is that they have a fight, and they go back to camp. Jeff basically said "Kourtney has ben evaluated from the game. None of you are being voted out tonight. We just wanted to see a good old cat fight. Goodbye!"

Fourth of all, I feel sad for Kourtney. I mean she got evaluated. I would probably cry if I got evaluated considering I am basically forced to leave the game.

Fifth of all, Colton is the Cochran of Survivor: One World. They are both ironic characters that have a lot of showtime of Survivor as Cochran was the nerd, and Colton was the gay republican. They are also both super fans. I am so far rooting for Colton (and the girls).

Sixth of all, I think that the preview is trying to trick us into thinking the girls will lose immunity. CBS usually does that (like for example they tried to trick us into thinking Edna will beat Ozzy in a RI duel). Unless somehow they are trying to trick us into thinking that CBS is trying to trick us into the girls will win the immunity. We may never know

Seventh of all, it is kinda unfair that the men have the decision to continue the challenge or be immune. I think they should of just restarted the challenge, and have a guy sit out. However, the guys made the right decision by deciding to get immunity (though if I did that, I kinda feel I would be cheating, but yeah, it isn't against the rules to cheat).

8th of all, Alicia is kinda a "female dog". I'm not too surprised about this, because during the pre-seasons interviews, I knew she was going to be the villain. I mean, why the heck did she think that Christina is close with the guys when Christina was just trying to get fire? She's the next Na0nka (though I do not think she is gonna quit like Na0nka did).

Edit- This was the first episode. As of right now, I hate Colton, and I am glad that he is out of the game. I hope he will never return to the game (but if he did, he will be the first one to go)


  1. Also, one thing I'll like to point out is that how the heck can you be in control with an alliance of 4 people? Some people made an alliance with 4 people, leaving 5 people not in the alliance. I hope in the next episode Tarzan, Troyzan, Colton, Jonas, and Leif form their own alliance, and they take out Bill, Jay, Matt, and Michael.

  2. Okay, completely agreed with you, Jake! All I could think throughout the episode was how annoying the guys were! I'm glad to hear that you agree, and it's not just my obvious bias, being a girl, shining through. I don't like Alicia either, and Matt is a complete jerk. As it said in the episode itself, hat 4-guy alliance is like a frat boy alliance, and I really, REALLY dislike frat boys. I hope that the other five guys group up and Colton gets rid of them! Colton is so funny, I'm definitely rooting for him. Out of the girls so far I think I like Christina the best, but Sabrina seems good too. Mostly I just don't like Alicia.