Thursday, February 9, 2012

39 Day Survivor Challenge- Days 28, 29, and 30

Day 28:

Most Emotional Moment

It hands down have to be

When Micheal gets evaluated

Let's face it. We were all rooting for the Kucha tribe when we first saw the Australian Outback. We all wanted Elisabeth, Rodger, Micheal, Alicia, Nick, and Jeff to be in the final 6. Unfortunately, this happen. I was very sad about this, and I actually cried after I saw the episode. This has to be the worst evaluation in Survivor history. It would been nice if the Kucha tribe overcome this, and gotten rid of all of Ogakor tribe, but that didn't happen. The Australian Outback would of been totally different if that didn't happen. Colby wouldn't be in Heroes vs Villains if that didn't happen. I think Jerri would of been, but not Colby.

Day 29:

Best Fight

Speaking of the Kucha tribe, two members of the Kucha tribe and part of the fight that I'd pick

That fight is epic. It features the infamous line "I will always wave your finger in your face." Usually fights are about strategic stuff like lies, and betrays, but they usually don't their contestants fight over chickens. Kimmi was an idiot though. She would want to have her and her tribe starve to death just for the chickens to be alive. Survivor isn't the type of show for vegaterians (or vegans). If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, then do not apply for Survivor.

Day 30

Best Rivalry

I got to say

Terry and Aras in Panama

This is basically a brains vs. brawns rivalry. Physically, Terry is better than Aras, but strategically, Aras is better than Terry. Terry wanted to get rid of Aras so bad that he wrote his name down in basically every single tribal council. During one reward challenge, the rivalry even gets physical (the challenge in the final 4). However, in the end, Terry ended the rivalry by voting for Aras to win

(Though if Terry voted for Danielle, Aras would of still won)

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