Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rest In Peace Whitney + 39 Day Survivor Challenge- Days 34, 35, and 36

Whitney Houseton, one of the greatest R&B singers today, just died. It is sad day today, so I want to make this post in memorial to her.

Anyways, onto my Survivor challenge:

Day 34:

Favorite Family Visit:

The best family visit is the Tocantins one. It is probably the most emotional one as well.

Watching that also kinda reminded me of how I wish that last 3 seasons had an auction. I know Redemption Island and South Pacific couldn't really have reward challenges, but I wish that instead of an immunity challenge, they did an Auction, and one of the things they bid on is the immunity necklace. Let's hope that One World has an auction.

Day 35:

Dumbest Move:

It will hands down be this move:

When Brandon Gives Up Immunity

There is two people who gave up immunity, and then got voted out: Erik in Fans vs. Favorites, and Brandon in South Pacific. Erik was actually tricked into giving up immunity where as Brandon gave up immunity for some moral values. We all know that Brandon is batsh*t crazy. He didn't even want to win the million dollars as seen in the episode before he gave up immunity. Instead, he wants to play the game like Jesus would. However, his father told him to focus on winning the game, and make good decisions. One of the Ten Commandments instructs us to honor our parents. He clearly did not follow that commandment as he gave up immunity despite the fact his father told him to make good decisions.

Day 36:

Favorite Juror:

It will hands down be Eliza from Fans vs. Favorites.

As you should now, jurors will have to wait until day 39 (which is their big day) to speak their peace. However, Eliza was able to maximize her time as a juror at every single tribal council. When you look at her, you know what she is thinking. For example, when Ozzy got voted out, no body was more surprised than Eliza. She also kinda reminds me of a cartoon character with her expressions.

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