Monday, February 13, 2012

Seems like this will be a good week + The Final 3 Days for my Survivor Challenge

Despite the death of Whitney, it seems like it is gonna be a good week this week.

On Tuesday, there will be a new episode of Glee. That episode of Glee will have something I have been looking forward to: A Brittana Kiss.

On Wednesday, it is the premiere of Survivor One World. I am so excited! Go Troyzan!

On Friday, the sign-ups for the Mole (a sims reality show) will be posted. I will answer the question: Who is the Mole?

Now, onto the final days of my survivor challenge:

Day 37:

Best Tribal Council

I will say:

The Tribal Council Where Randy Plays The Fake Hidden Immunity Idol

It is so funny considering Randy basically eliminated himself. He tried to make Susie, Sugar, Crystal, Kenny, and Matty to vote for him at the next tribal council, and he tried to make Bob give him his fake immunity idol, which he did. Of course, he thought it was the real idol, and he played. He was shock when it was a fake idol.

Plus, Crystal's vote was freaking epic. Let me quote it:
You have made my life hell from day one, forget you, go home, goodbye
Day 38:
Favorite Final Tribal Council Speech

Edna's speech is the best speech. It basically says do not be bitter because you didn't outlast the final 3. Every bitter jury member should know that you sign-up for this show (or asked to be in this show for another season) where you can be backstabbed, duped, manipulated, or betrayed. Don't be bitter because you sign-up for this.
Day 39:
Best Finale:
The Best Finale is
The China finale.
Here's why:
-Denise was not picked for the final reward. I called this karma since Denise did not pick PG in the last two rewards despite the fact that PG took her to this martial arts temple which was Denise's dream to go to.
- Denise then tries to make a final 3 deal with Amanda. Amanda rejects that deal.
-Denise then loses the final immunity challenge.
-Courtney then says Denise sucks at life (which is true)
-Denise then gets the final person voted out
-Then, the most deserving person won.
There is kinda a lot of Denise hate in this post. However, China is one of my favorite seasons because of the well-liked cast. I only had a problem with Denise and Jean-Robert when I first watched that season.
Okay, now I am done.

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