Thursday, March 8, 2012

39 Day Survivor Challenge Day 35 Change

Well, I will like to change one of my days for my 39 Day Survivor Challenge. It is day 35 which is the dumbest move.

It has to be the Manono tribe giving up immunity.

You never want to be at tribal council. Yes it is one thing to be sure that your tribe is on your side at the merge, but it is another thing to actually have the numbers at the merge. Now, both tribes have equal numbers. If the Manono tribe decided to not give up immunity, they would of have 8 to 6 advantage at the top 14.

Also, another thing. blindslides happen literally every season. There hasn't been a blind slide this season yet (despite the fact that Jeff thought that Matt was blindslided). But blindslides can every day. The best blindslides happen after the merge, but a lot of good blindslides happen before the merge (like Tyson, Burton, and Joel). So, for 8 of them willing to go to tribal council knowing that they may go home if they did that is just plain stupid.

I do not have a video up right now, but I will soon

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