Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 23

*Day 56*

Ruby: It's Day 56. Thomas is about to be mummify. Let's check in as he walks out of the sarcophagus.

Ruby: What the heck? Thomas, you are suppose to be a mummy, not a human.

Thomas: Well, I guess that there is something wrong with the sarcophagus.

Ruby: Whatever, I am gonna call a scientist who I am friends with.

Ruby: Thomas, this is Dr. Cochran. He is a brilliant scientist.

Dr. Cochran: Yeah, what is the problem?

Ruby: Well, you know my show The Battle Against Mummification.

Dr. Cochran: Of course I do!

Ruby: Well, Thomas tried getting mummified, but it didn't work. I was wondering if you are able to make him a mummy.

Dr. Cochran: I just may able to. However, it may take a while. There is a 50% chance he may not able to make it to the final day in the house by the time I am done mummifying him.

Ruby: Well, it is worth the risk. Thomas, please go with Dr. Cochran. He will get you mummified. You may or may not be a mummy juror. Coming up soon, the Head of Mummification.

(Thomas/Cassii, in order for you to be a mummy juror, you must complete the final part of the interview by completing the sentence at the end by the time I do Part 3 of the final Head of Mummification)

Ruby: Hello, everybody, we are here at the Head of Mummification competition. Feel free from the threat of mummification, the Head of Mummification must put two people on the chopping block. This time, the Head of Mummification will be guarantee a spot in the final 4 where the most important Semi-Veto Ability competition will be played. Last night, a fortune teller came to, and told the contestants about their future.

*Day 56 at 10:50 pm*

The Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller: Hello, I am the Battle Against Mummification fortune teller. I will give you guys predictions about all 14 contestants this season on the battle against mummification. 3 months from now, Dan will lose a game of 20 questions to Miuccia because he will keep on thinking that the answer was his fake platinum veto.

*Day 57 at 1:53 AM*

The Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller: Contestants, wake up! I want to give you guys another prediction about the contestants.

The Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller: 5 years from now, Tess will have to get a new job. She will decide to become an astronaut because she loved her astronaut suit so much.

*3:39 am*

The Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller: Contestants, wake up! I want to give you guys another prediction about the contestants.

Tess: Not again! I need my beauty sleep!

Tess: The Battle Against Mummification is ruining my beauty sleep. I need 9 hours of sleep so that I can be energized tomorrow.

The Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller: 3 years from now, Thomas will become a master at martial arts. He will spar with many people, and he will defeat them all. The people who were defeated by him will give him plenty of foot massages.

Ruby: Contestants, it is time for the next Head of Mummification competition. Sorry for the late start. We had some issues with Thomas.

Ruby: Nolan, as outgoing Head of Mummification, you are not able to compete.

Ruby: This competition is called The Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller. Last night, the Battle Against Mummification Fortune Teller woke you guys all night to tell you predictions. In this competition, your memory will be tested as I will give you guys a series of questions about the predictions that Battle Against Mummification fortune teller has made. You must determined if the quote I read you is true or false. You will receive a point for each correct answer you give. The player with the most points in the end after 7 questions will be the new Head of Mummification. Is everybody cleared?

Contestants: Yes!

Ruby: Let's begin. True or False: The fortune teller predicted that Riviera will be quote “married, and she will be raising three triplets.”

Ruby: The correct answer is True. I'm sorry Remy, you did not get a point. Nagol, Tess, and Nancy, you all have points. Reset as we move on.

Ruby: Well, it seems like Remy has two points, Tess has 4 points, Nagol has 5 points, and Nancy has 6 points. This means....

Ruby: Congrats Nancy, you are the new Head of Mummification.

Nancy: Yes after all those weeks of getting nominated, I can finally have a week of not being nominated. Final 4 here I go.

Nancy: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Nancy: Yeah for it being aqua. That's my favorite color.

Nolan: Out of all the H.O.M. rooms we saw this season, I was least excited to see Nancy's room. She did not make any friendships in the house. She has been playing chess by herself. The only friend that she actually made is with Miuccia who was out in week 4, but other than that, she made no friendships. Kenneth was out week 1, and yet he was able to have a showmance with Tess before he got nominated.

Tess: Ugh, I knew for a fact we should of gotten rid of Nancy. We had 3 times to get rid of her, and we didn't. Now, Nancy is Head of Mummification, and now I will have no idea who she will nominate.

Nagol: I agree with you. I wish I had a time machine so that I can go back in time to make Nancy go home instead of Thomas. That way, we would be safe no matter since Remy was no where close to winning that competition.

Nagol: I feel as if I let my alliance down. We gotten rid of Thomas last week because we thought that Nancy will be easier to beat. Now, I regret making that decision because my alliance is now on the chopping block.

Tess: I think this week will be like a question mark. I am not sure who will go home this week. It could be anybody.

*Day 57*

Tess: I'm bored!

Nolan: Yeah, me too!

Nagol: Hey, let's play a game of Woohoo Marry Kill.

Remy: What's that?

Nancy: Um, Remy, I think you shouldn't play that game. I do not think it is too appropriate for you.

Remy: But I want to play.

Nagol: Dude, who don't even know what the game is about?

Remy: But I like games.

Tess: Not all games are good for you. For example, no one should play Russian Roulette.

Remy: Oh, let's play Russian Roulette.

Nolan: Um, Remy, do you even know what Russian Roulette is?

Remy: No!

Nancy: You know what. I think I have to take Remy to another room, and lock him in there while we play.


Nagol: I'm sorry, but please do that.

Nancy: Okay, I will!

Remy: I really want to play that game called Zoohoo Mary Bill. I love playing games. Me and Taiha who is a family member of mine used to play a game called Kitty Kitty Cat, which is basically like Duck Duck Goose.

Nagol: Okay, I will go first. Tess, Woohoo Marry Kill: Kenneth, Kenneth's father, and Kenneth's mother

Tess: First of all, I have to kill Kenneth's mother just because of the fact that she is a girl. I will then marry Kenneth's father because he may be the complete opposite of Kenneth. And that will leave me to woohoo with Kenneth which I will probably have to close my eyes when that happens. Nolan, Woohoo Marry Kill: Shelly, Renny, and Kathy.

Nolan: Well, I will kill Shelly because I hated her. I will then marry Renny because I think I will fun for the rest of my life if I do that. And that will leave me to woohoo with Kathy. Now, Tess, Woohoo Marry Kill: Jerry, E.D., and Chicken George.

Tess: Well, I think I will kill Jerry because he deserved it after he called Dan Judas. I will also woohoo with E.D. because who wouldn't? I will will marry Chicken George. Now, Nancy, Woohoo Marry Kill: Mummification, Nominations, and the Mummy Jury House.

Nancy: Well, I will have kill mummification because being mummified is awful. I will also marry the Mummy Jury House because I think the mummy jurors are having fun there right now. And that will leave me to woohoo with Nominations despite the fact that I hate nominations. Now, Nagol, Woohoo Marry Kill: Judy Bunch, Amy Bull, and Hetty Lionheart.

Nagol: Great, I know I get ugly sims. Well, I have to kill Hetty because she is too old for me. I think I shall woohoo Amy because I do not want to woohoo with Judy. And that will leave me to marry Judy.

*Day 58*

Nancy: House meeting everyone.

Nancy: Listen, it is coming down to the end. I know for a fact that we can't make one week safety deals because there is only two weeks left. So, I want to give each of you guys a chance to state why I should keep you. Tess, you are up first.

Tess: Well, if you take me to the end, then one of the things that you can point out is that I never won a H.O.M. challenge. You did win a H.O.M. challenge, so they might vote for you if you did that.

Nancy: Okay, Remy, you are up next.

Remy: As of right now, Thomas and Selena are kinda mad at me, so if I go to the final 2 with you, you will get 2 votes from them in order to win.

Nancy: Nagol, your turn.

Nagol: Well, out of the 4 people you can nominate, I am the only person not to win a Veto challenge, so I will be less likely to win one out of the last 2 Veto competitions.

Nancy: And finally, Nolan.

Nolan: Well, they say to be the best, you got to beat the best. I have been a huge competitor. I have won 2 H.O.M. competitions, and 1 Veto competitions. I am the only person to win more than 2 competitions. So, if you take the best to the end, the best will be me.

Nancy: Okay, I will like to thank you all of the feedback. I will consider what you guys have to say for when I make nominations.

*Please play this, and continue reading*

Nancy: This is the nominations ceremony. We shall bring in the mummy jury.

Nancy: As you can see, we are missing a member of the mummy jury. That member is Thomas. The producers of the show had a little problem with Thomas's mummification, so he is currently with a scientist named Doctor Cochran getting mummified. This mummification process in uncertain of how it will take to get mummified, and he may not be able to make it to the day where the mummy jury makes their decision. Now, I pretty sure what you guys know what is the nominations ceremony because we been through this 6 times already. I have decided to nominate.......

Nancy: Nolan and.....

Nancy: Tess because both of you are very good competitors. Nolan, you won 2 Head of Mummification competitions, and Tess, you won 2 Veto competitions. I hope you take this as a compliment. This nominations ceremony is....

Ruby: Wait, I need everybody including the mummy jurors to go into the backyard right now. We have some business to take care of.

*To be continue at Episode 24*