Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everybody loves the Salani Tribe on Survivor

I was lurking the Survivor wiki, and I found this:

Somehow, the Salani tribe is leading by far. Let me give you an analysis of the all female tribes.

Jaburu- They kinda had some big b*tches that season like Heidi, and Jenna. I was so freaking pissed that Jenna won. I honestly do not see why the jury voted for Jenna by a landslide vote. The only vote she should of gotten was a vote from Heidi just because she is Jenna's friend.

Yasur- At least this tribe did not have a fat five. They would of gotten to the end if Leann and Julie did not say "Let's get rid of Eliza instead of Chris" causing a power shift with Twila, Scout, Chirs, and Eliza. Also, Scout should of been the first person gone from that tribe. Why the heck is she even in the final 3?

Bayoneta- That tribe is full of boobs considering the fact it was full of younger women, and old women.

Cassaya- The Cassaya tribe of 7 was probably the craziest and best tribe ever. However, the cassaya tribe of 4 old women kind of suck considering only Cirie was the only member of the original Cassaya to make it to the merge.

Salani- Had a bad start in terms of camp life. However, I want you guys to think about this.

The first challenge they lost was just plain bad luck. Kourtney gotten injured, and the challenge got stop. Anything can happen on Survivor, and the women could catch up.
The 2nd challenge they lost was a close one.
The 3rd challenge they lost was a complete lost. Kat should of gone instead of Nina.

However, they were able to win the next 3 challenges. They lost the final immunity challenge before the tribal swap. However, the guys stupidly decided to go to tribal council causing to go into the tribal swap with equal numbers.

Overall, I think that best all-female tribe is the Bayoneta tribe because of the fact they are younger, and more attractive to look at.

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