Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lady GaGa Talk

So I haven't been talking about Lady GaGa, so I want to make a post about her to show I still care about her. (I have been too busy talking about Survivor)

So, the Born This Way ball tour is coming up. I couldn't go to the Fame ball tour and the Monster Ball Tour due to the fact that the tickets aren't too cheap. However, this time I can go since I have a card which has a bunch of money in it, and I can buy tickets using that card. I hope that she plays You and I, the Edge of Glory, Government Hooker, the Fashion of His Love, and Born This Way. However, I doubt Lady GaGa is gonna sing the Fashion of His Love. I look forward to the songs Lady GaGa has not sung live on tour the most because they haven't been sung on tour before.

(Though I do remember You and I and Born This Way being sung on tour)

Also, I think I have my favorite unreleased Lady GaGa song:

It reminds of the 80s.

I am patiently waiting on Lady GaGa's 4th album.

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