Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Dream Cast for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Well, I have to I love Heroes vs. Villains. I thought it was a good season, but in my opinion, some of the cast mates didn't really deserve to be there (or they were put in the wrong tribe).

For example, Candice was a villain. How can I mutiny be heroic? I also think Sandra was a hero. If you actually take a look at the official popularity poll, then Sandra is like the 2nd most popular contestant. Jeff Probst explains why they were put in the wrong tribe.

According to him, Jeff Probst says that Candice was a hero, because she was "loyal" to her original tribe of white people. Well, first of all, I doubt that Parvati and Adam cared about their original tribe when Candice mutinied. Second of all, if I were a member of the Aitu 4 when that happens (which I probably won't be because I'm white), I would of felt betrayed.

Jeff Probst also explains that Sandra was a villain because she dump the fish after Rupert got voted off, and frame Christy for it. That really bothered me. Sandra being a villain for dumping the fish is like saying Rupert should be a villain for stealing the shoes of the Morgan tribe. Also, when she frame Christy, she was on the chopping block, and if she were to do the "heroic" thing, she will probably go home. Sorry Jeff, but there's no time to do the heroic thing when your *** is on the chopping block.

Also, there were some people who were such a plain waste of space. For example, Tyson was a waste of space. Randy was a waste of space. Danielle was a waste of space. In my opinion, there were more villainous people who deserved to be on there instead of those three.

So, here is my choice for Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. All in all, half of the original cast were able to make it on the dream cast. The other half didn't for either because I think that they shouldn't on that season, or there were other contestants needed to be put on there. The ones who were put in my dream cast but weren't put in the real cast, I shall explain why I put them on there.

They considered Colby the original hero. Well, I consider Elisabeth the original heroine. Her and Rodger were very well-like duo, and they should of been the final 2. She probably come back though because she is currently hosting the view.
She was the underdog of Survivor: Tocantins. First, she was "voted off" the tribe (if you are confused about, then I think you should watch the first episode of Survivor: Tocantins). Then, she had no allies after Brendan voted off, and they treated her so poorly. Luckily though, she was able to outlast her cocky nemesis Tyson. I was NOOOOOOOOOOO! when she got voted off. Also, if you actually see my original 39 day Survivor countdown, you will see she is in the category "A Survivor You Want To See Play Again"
Big Tom
He was seriously made Survivor: Africa so enjoyable. He is so fun to watch. With the Auction moment, the ironic dancing, and him want a cheeseburger instead of seeing his family, he will always be the most loved Survivor contestant ever unlike the paranoid Lex who was in the same original season. Sure, he was one of the bitter jury members in All-Stars, but he is just so likable.
He is probably the smartest heroic winner out there. He was able to convince everybody to vote out Cao Boi to prevent from people knowing that he had the idol. He was also able to convince Jonathan Penner to flip. He also was able to convince everybody to vote out Jonathan Penner just so that he can get a jury vote from Adam.
He was a challenge dominator in Kota. He was able to get Sugar to like him enough just so that she won't vote him out. He also creates the fake hidden immunity idols. One of them was played by Randy causing the best tribal council ever. The other one causes Kenny to do a dumb move, and make him flip.

She had the best voting confessionals ever. I mean take a look at this:

She is quite well-liked, but her confessionals were a bit harsh making her a villain.

She is considered the main antagonist of Survivor: Vanuatu as Ami, Julie, Eliza, and Leann were not very fond of her. She also had a terrible Final Tribal Council performance, which I consider the worst Tribal Council performance ever.
She was surely a "female dog"! She is not a nice person. She also had a very nasty jury speech. However, I do have to say that she is more deserving to come back than Randy as Randy was just a plain waste of space.
Boston Rob
He had a very deceptive and manipulative game that ended up making him 1 million dollars richer. I consider him the best winner to of never return to the game. I was surprised that he wasn't on Heroes vs. Villains. It is probably because they didn't want too many players returning from Survivor: China (though I think that they could of just replaced Amanda with Eliza, and bring him back like I would of done if I were making the decisions on who to bring back).
He was probably the craziest Survivor ever. He used to smoked 7 packs of cigarettes, but then he quit on the first day. There isn't an episode where Shane did not make a crazy outburst (except after he was voted out). He was actually gonna be on Heroes vs. Villains, but then he got cut out for Russell to be on. However, they should of replaced Tyson and Randy as they were just plain wastes of space.

Who did not make it in my dream cast
Danielle- Was a waste of space
Randy- See Danielle
Courtney- I don't want too many people returning from Survivor: China
Sugar- Just because of the fact that I wanted to put other people down
J.T.- See Sugar
Candice- See Danielle
Colby- I do not want any body who was eliminated before the top 10 on my dream cast.
Sandra- See Sugar
Tyson- See Danielle
Tom Westman- See Sugar

Remember, this is MY DREAM cast. I know of a fact that Elisabeth and Corrine turned the opportunity to return down. I also know that James was a d-bag in Heroes vs. Villains, but the casting is based on the seasons before Heroes vs. Villains. I can put either Ozzy or James on it, but considering the fact that Ozzy is like in my top 10 least favorite Survivors, I put James instead.

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