Friday, March 30, 2012

My lists are back

Well, I have decided to bring back my lists. In case you are not familiar, last summer, I did a bunch of lists where I talked about several things. I have decided to bring back my lists again for this blog. This time I am giving you guys 4 lists. One list is sim-related, one of them are about Survivor, and the other one is about Big Brother.

Let's start with the Sims-Related one.

Top 3 Worst Sims games

Since EA is giving us terrible sims games right now, I have decided to post the top 3 sims games. Let's start off with that list.

3. The Sims Social Stupidity- It is a Facebook game, and I freaking hate the Sims is going Facebook. It was entertaining at first, but then, a bunch of people are starting to give me requests, and so I have to block it because I was getting annoyed. Plus, I went from having a bunch of money in my checking account to 10 dollars because of the Facebook games.

2. The Sims 3: Showtrash- This was just a waste of an ep. It has social features which I don't want. I don't think my friends would care about what my sims does. It also has SimPort which I do not like since it can most likely cause viruses. For non-social features, it has stuff that should of been in Late Night. The reason why it is not in the #1 spot is because it has some stuff that people want.

1. The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sh*tty Treats- We only saw a couple of pictures of it, and a couple of information on this, but that is enough to put this ep on the #1 spot. Seriously, nobody really wants to have their town decorated with Katy Perry stuff. I honestly HATE Katy Perry. Also, this is a slap in the face for the people who bought the Katy Perry edition of the Sims 3: Showtime.

Now, let's move on to the Survivor list:

Top 5 Dumbest Survivor Moves That Do Not Have To Deal With Immunity

When I meant Not Dealing With Immunity, I meant these moves:
Giving Up Immunity
Not Using a Hidden Immunity Idol (or two hidden immunity idols)
A J.T.-like move
A Tyson-Like Move

5. Matt telling Boston Rob he was considered of switching sides in Survivor: Redemption Island- Mike tried to convince Matt and Andrea to switch sides. Then, Matt told Boston Rob he was considering of switching sides, and then Boston Rob then decided to no longer trust Matt, and voted him off again.

4. Brandon betraying his Samburu alliance- In the top 9, Brandon surprised his tribe mates, and betrayed his Samburu alliance by voting out Kelly. Then, his tribe mates can no longer trust him, and he was the next to go after Kelly.

3. Lil taking Sandra to the end- Lil won the final immunity, and had to vote to between the very unlikable Jonny Fairplay, or the jury threat Sandra. She decided to take Sandra to the end, where Sandra won by a landslide vote. The only vote where Lil got was a vote from Sandra's enemy, Taj. I consider this dumber than Colby's move, because Colby was manipulated by Tina, where as Lil had no reason to get rid of Jonny Fairplay.

2. Lex voting out Jerri in Survivor: All-Stars- In All-Stars, there was an unexpected tribal switch where basically everyone on the Chapera ended up on the Mogo Mogo tribe except for Amber, and then everyone on the Mogo tribe ended up on Chapera along with Amber. After the immunity challenge, Boston Rob (who was a liar in Marquesas) told Lex if Amber were to not be voted out next, he would of returned a favor. Then, Lex believed him, and he voted out Jerri. Then, at the merge, Lex was voted off first in the merge tribe, and became the first jury member. I consider this a dumb move because Boston Rob lied all the time in Marquesas, and for Lex to believe he was telling the truth was just plain STUPID.

1. Alex telling Rob he will be the first one to go in his alliance with him, Rob, Heidi, and Jenna- Alex decided to tell his "friend" in a friendship manner he was planning on taking the girls to the end, and he was the 4th person in his alliance of 4. Rob then switched sides, and voted out Alex. Come on, you never tell people you are the last person in our alliance, because they can switch (unless if they were to switched, they will end up having to draw rocks). It also makes it hard for people to pick other people on reward challenges because if you don't pick the right people, you can get eliminated. That's why if I were to pick people to go with me on a reward, I would pick whoever came 2nd or 3rd.

Now, onto the Big Brother list,

Top 5 Big Brother house guests who were screwed by a twist

5. Dominic in Big Brother 13
Twist: The veterans returning

I felt as if this season were to be a newbie season, then Dominic would of been a power player. But unfortunately, he was out 3rd. I also felt him or Cassi would of returned if Alison didn't rigged it for Brendan to return.

4. Kathy in Big Brother 13
Twist: The Diamond Power of Veto

I don't think the twist is rigged because I think that a big game changing "bad" twist should of a game-changing "good" twist. I don't Kathy would of won, but it would of been great if somehow Britney, Kathy, and Ragan were to team up when Britney was HOH, and get rid of Enzo, or Hayden if Matt didn't have the Diamond Power of Veto.

3. Amber in Big Brother 8
Twist: America's Player

Let me start out by saying I hated Amber because she cries way too much. However, I do think she was the most screwed in Big Brother 8 because of the America's Play twist. Because of the fact Dustin and Amber were evicted thanks to America, I think she was screwed (where as Dustin deserved to go home after he asked to be nominated because he was so confident and cocky that he were to stay.)

2. Jesse in Big Brother 10 and Big Brother 11
Twist: America's Player and the Coup D'├ętat

It is one thing to be eliminated thanks to one twist, but it's also another thing to be eliminated by TWO TWISTS. He is also another houseguest who I don't like, but I got to mention him.

In Big Brother 10, it was between Jesse and Memphis going home. Dan who was America's Player for one week was the swing vote. As it turns out, America voted to evict Jesse, causing him to go home.

On Big Brother, America decided to give the arrogant homophobe named Big Jeff the coup d'etat (though I do have to say that Jeff was more well-liked in Big Brother 11 where as in Big Brother 13, he was very arrogant. Same thing with Ozzy as he was more well-liked in Survivor: Cook Islands, but much more hated and cocky in Survivor: South Pacific).

In week 5, Big Jeff decided to use the Coup D'etat in order to nominate Jesse and Natalie, and Jesse went home by a 3-2 vote (which was the only good move he actually made in his career with Big Brother. In Big Brother 11, Big Jeff didn't really got rid of Lydia, and he gotten rid of Russell who was on his side. in Big Brother 13, he gotten rid of Daniele who was his ally which came back to bite him as Kalia won HOH, and gotten rid of Big Jeff.)

1. Shelly in Big Brother 13
Twist: Pandora's Box/The Return of the Duo Twist

Shelly probably played the best social game in Big Brother 13. She wasn't a good competitor, but she at least had a good social game. Because of the fact that Alison really wanted a veteran to win, she rigged Pandora's Box and let the Duo twist return. She then rig the competition so that Rachel can win, and Shelly thanks to Jordan and Rachel.

Alison's rigging bothered me so much. I surely hoped Big Brother 14 is not rigged so much as last season.

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