Monday, March 26, 2012

A ranting

So, today, the Shorty Awards happened. It's not that big of a deal since twitter is fill with many tween people who only watched the Disney channel, and have a really bad taste in music by listening to Justina Beiber. The only reason why I voted is so that The Sims 3 won't win. However, as it turns out, this happens:

EA clearly violated the rules of the Shorty Awards. They told the voters that EA shall give the voters a free set if they win. Me along with many other simmers have contacted the Shorty Awards about this, and yet they did not disqualified the Sims 3 for that. They should of disqualified the Sims 3 for it as EA clearly violated the rules of the shorty awards. However, they didn't, and the Sims 3 won the Shorty Awards.

You won't believe how upset I am at this. I shall give you an example to explain how I feel.

In Big Brother 11, there was a girl named Chima. She has violated multiple rules like refusing to go to the diary room, stating that she may act up if Jeff uses a mystery power (causing the producers to prerecord an eviction show), putting a blanket on a camera, and throwing a microphone to the pool. She needed to be expelled. However, let's just say that CBS decides not to expel Chima, and she ends up winning. That will be equally upsetting as how I feel right now.

So, I tweeted to the Sims 3, and posted on their Facebook this:
You guys did NOT deserve to win. It is against the rules to bribe the voters with something in return. You promise a free set if you guys win. That is consider bribing. You should of been disqualified from the competition, but instead you won.

I suggest each and every one of you guys spread the word about this post. Post it on the Sims 3 wall. Tweet it to the shorty awards. E-mail your friends about. Blog about this post in your own blog. This post must be known to every one.

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