Wednesday, April 4, 2012

EA is official the worst company ever

They absolutely deserved to be the worst company ever. They have been many glitches that aren't solved, they give us games which have features nobody likes, and they should of been in other games (like The Sims 3: Showtrash and the Sims 3: Katy Perry Stupid Treats).

I hope that EA sees this, and starts fixing things. Based on the possible things in the Sims 4, I certainly refuse to buy the Sims 4.

I absolutely hope that the magic ep rumor is true because anything is better than the crap that we are getting.

For example, I believe the Sims 3: Katy Perry is the worst sims game ever. Take a look at this:

Nobody want to have that s*** in their game. I mean can you imagine when the townies spawning up wearing that.

I can imagine only these two types of people buying it:

a. People who just want to buy every Sims game just for the sack of having it
b. Hardcore Katy Perry fans

I can imagine this is being the first ever flop in the Sims franchise.

I mean Katy Perry is only agreeing to do this just for the money. She literally decided to make everybody upset at EA just to get a couple of extra bucks. I surely hope Katy Perry will be able to make EA not sell this stuff pack, and make EA not become a store set


  1. I also like to give credit for Paco for posting it in his blog

  2. And when I meant it I meant the picture

  3. I agree with the bulk of your post...all but this part, "She literally decided to make everybody upset at EA just to get a couple of extra bucks."

    It's not Katy Perry's fault that everyone is upset with EA and their decision to make this Sp revolve around her...regardless that her name is on it, and I really doubt her motive was to "make everybody upset at EA". EA is to blame for this, and the KP Edition of Showtime EP because they are the ones to have put it out there, and are most likely the ones to come up with the idea behind these two additions to the game. They were most likely the ones to approach her, not the other way around...and even if she had approached them with these ideas, it's EA that makes the final decision what goes into their Ep's/Sp's, so where are we then? Right back where we started...the finger pointing (if you want to do that) should be at EA, not the celebrity they approached/used.

    I know you don't like KP...and that's fine, but if you're going to place the blame on a crappy Ep/Sp, you really should place it in the correct place, and in this situation it is, and will always be, EA...not all on KP.


  4. BSG- EA can't just make two games out of her without Katy's approval. Katy Perry has to either accept or deny EA's request. If they make two games out of her, then Katy Perry will probably know for a fact that Sims fans who bought the first game on her will feel as if the 2nd game feels like a rip-off. However, she decided to say Yes to EA for making two games based on her. All in all, she could of denied EA's request to make the two games, but she accepted it anyways. All in all, they are both to blamed for making the sims franchise starting to suck

  5. I didn't say they didn't ask for her approval. I know they went to her and got her approval. I know how it works...I went to school for graphic design and media. But my point IS that it was EAs idea to make these two games revolve around a this case it's KP. Of course she's going to agree to it. If EA made you a proposition (and it's anyone's guess that they made it sound like her stuff would be the best selling stuff they ever had--how else would they "sell" the idea?) and dangled a nice chunk of change in front of your face, you'd say no? I doubt it. I'm not a KP lover, but I do think the mass blame is being overlooked. KP is just a puppet, and EA is the ones that are the puppet controller. Meaning she is involved with this mess and the outcome, yes, but in the longrun it was EA's idea to incorporate a celebrity and make these two additions to the game a big steaming pile of crap that looks like Candyland threw up all over the sims universe.

    I'm just's not all KP's fault for the result of these two games. EA is the one that runs the games...they asked her, she said yes. IMO, she is just a pawn in their sinking game, but because they most likely gave her creative control on the SP then, yes I blame her, but when you look at her videos what else can you expect? Of course she is going to make the game look like it's high on Candyland, but again, it's EA who went along with the creative ideas she threw out there.