Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let me rank the Survivor seasons

I have seen Dalton Ross and Jeff Probst ranks the Survivor seasons. I thought I shall rank my own Survivor seasons with the first 23 seasons

24. Survivor: Nicaragua

This have a very unlikable cast. The only person that I liked is Fabio. The only thing that is really memorable is Na0nka and Purple Kelly quitting, which is kinda bad way to remember a season.

23. Survivor: Redemption Island

Every single person on that season was a cocktail rider. It also had some of the worst twists in Survivor with the veterans (aka Rob and Russell) coming back, and Redemption Island.

22. Survivor: Thailand

The reason why this isn't in last place is the fake merge.

21. Survivor: All-Stars

This season sucks because everybody seems to trust Boston Rob, and in Marquesas, Boston Rob couldn't really be trusted. It also had an unreasonable bitter jury, and they made some bad decisions (like Lex voting out Jerri instead of Amber). Though despite the awful season, it also had a very good reunion show with Boston Rob and Amber getting engaged before the jury votes were read, Shii-Ann winning a car, and Richard Hatch falling in love.

20. Survivor: One World

This season has one of the worst pre-merges ever. The girls came in with no survival skills. The guys were dumb enough to give up immunity. Plus, Colton has the most vile behavior ever on Survivor. The post-merge was better and it had some good blindslides like Jay and Kat. I also give props for them having no returnees and no Redemption Island.

19. Survivor: Fiji

That season had a terrible pre-merge with the Have/Have Not twists. Luckily, the post-merge was better as it contains a lot of strategy.

18. Survivor: Palau

The Koror tribe was a very boring tribe. I only like Ian, and Tom in that tribe where as the females of the tribe were lazy, and probably the worst Survivor castaways ever in terms of strategy. The Ulong tribe was more interesting and well-like. The only person I didn't like is Kim from that tribe.

17. Survivor: Australia

An overrated season. It shows too much of camp life, and not enough strategy.

16. Survivor: Cook Islands

Another overrated season. This season was kinda racist when they first divided the tribes in race. Mark Burnett just wanted to stir up trouble by doing that. I am also not a high fan of the Aitu 4 as Becky and Sundra didn't play the game (remember when they couldn't make fire), and Ozzy was very cocky. The only member of the Aitu 4 that I like is Yul.

15. Survivor: South Pacific

The first season that I actually like in the rankings. It was a well-liked cast with no cocktail riders in my opinion, but I rank it low due to the fact they brought back two veterans (Ozzy and Coach), and it has Redemption Island.

14. Survivor: Guatemala

An underrated season. I didn't make it to the top 10 because like South Pacific, it brought back two returning players (Bobby Jon and Stephanie's evil twin), but unlike South Pacific, it didn't have Redemption Island.

13. Survivor: Vanuatu

Another underrated season. It had some interesting characters that I like such as Chris, Eliza, Rory, Chad, and Julie. It also had the biggest comeback in Survivor with Chris outlasting his an alliance of women.

12. Survivor: Borneo

It probably has one of best winners ever (Richard Hatch). However, the strategy kinda suck that season. Do anybody remember the 4-1-1-1-1-1-1 vote? Plus, what about the Alphabet strategy?

11. Survivor: The Amazon

A very good season in terms of blind slides. However, it is not in the top 10 because of the fact I consider Jenna the least deserving winner of Survivor history.

10. Survivor: Tocantins

This season has some well-liked characters like JT, Stephan, Erinn, Taj, and Sierra. It also had a good comeback story with the Jalapao tribe along with Erinn making it to the final 4 with pure strategy as most comebacks are made with luck (for example, Holly in Nicaragua made a comeback which she needed some luck to do that. That luck was the tribe switch)

9. Survivor: Marquesas

Somehow Jeff Probst didn't like this season, and he stupidly ranks this as #18. The reason why I like this season is because it included the first power swift in Survivor. In Africa and Borneo, the people who could of been in the majority ended up going home 1 by 1. In Borneo, the Pagong tribe tried, but Sean ended up screwing them. In Africa, Samburu tried, but Brandon ended up screwing them. But this season, Paschal, Neleh, Kathy, Sean, and Vecepia came together, and gotten rid of the cocky Rotu 4.

(I also don't think that there is anything the Kucha tribe can do to be in the majority besides voting for Jerri in the first tribal council at the merge)

8. Survivor: Africa

There's one reason why I ranked this so high, and that is because of Big Tom. He is probably the most entertaining Survivor yet.

7. Survivor: Panama (or Survivor: Exile Island)

This season probably had the best tribe ever: The Casaya tribe. It also had one of the best strategists ever: Cirie. She should of won Survivor: Panama where as Terry in my opinion was an earlier version of Ozzy who was good in challenges, but was Cocky, and suck at strategy.

6. Survivor: Samoa

This season had a lot of blindslides. I always prefer the Foa Foa 4 instead of the Aitu 4 because they made a lot of strategic moves to get where they are, where as the only thing the Aitu 4 did was win challenges and convinced Johnathan Penner to flipped.

5. Survivor: Gabon

Probably the most underrated Survivor season yet. It had the best location, and everybody in the top 8 were very interesting characters except for Susie.

4. Survivor: Pearl Islands

Well, this season had the 2nd most interesting character in Survivor Rupert. He stole shoes, catch fish with his spear, and have a rememberable look. It also had a lot of blindslides. I also must say that despite what many people think, I do think Sandra did deserve to win Survivor: Pearl Islands. I would of been very upset if Lil or Jonny Fairplay won.

3. Survivor: China

It probably had the most well-like cast ever. The only 2 people who I hated while watching is Jean-Robert, and Denise. Other than that, it pretty much had a very well-liked cast. Even Chicken who was voted off first was well-liked.

2. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

It was a pretty good season if you asked me with Parvati playing 2 hidden immunity idols, the dumb moves Tyson and J.T. made, and the fact the 3 most deserving people ended up in the final 3.. The reason why this isn't #1 is because I felt as if there was a lot of undeserving people on that season like Candice, Danielle, Tyson, and Randy.

1. Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites

It was surely an unpredictable season with 5 dumb moves (if you include Jaison giving up immunity for some food, and the fake immunity situation), the Black Widow Brigade, and 7 blindslides. This will forever be my favorite season.

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