Monday, April 23, 2012

My pick for Big Brother: Dynamitic Duos

Well, last season was considered to be the one of the worst season ever. I think it has to deal with the fact it should of been an all-stars season as the 8 newbies could be "reserved" for next season. For example, if Dominic were on a season with newbies and only newbies in it, then I would possibly considered him one of the best players to ever win the game.

So, I have decided to choose my pick for my duos. I want to first off start off by saying that Brenchel, JeJo, and the Donatos are already on there, so I thought that I wouldn't have to explain that as they are on Big Brother 13. The Duos are:

From Season 5:

Adria and Natalie

You gotta give them credit for the twin twist. Considering it's hard for them to go this long with this secret (though Eric's secret in Big Brother 8 was harder). I was surprised when one of them were't in the top 20 candidates for All-Stars. They clearly deserves a spot more than Cowboy

From Big Brother 6

Ivette and Beau

Despite the fact that I hate them along with the rest of the nerd herd, you gotta give them credit for them being the last "duo" of Big Brother 6. Howie did make the right by nominating them and getting rid of one of them as they would of gone to the final 2 and one of them would of won the game.

 From Big Brother 9:

Chelsea and James

Well, Big Brother 9 didn't really have many duos despite the duo-like twist. However, Chelsea and James ware a showmance on that season, and they most certainly can come back. Besides, we are getting someone we love (James), and someone that we hate (Chelsea).

From Big Brother 10:

Dan and Memphis

I considered them more of an alliance than a duo, but they were able to work together, and make it to the final 2. Julie Chen must of had memory lose when she said the Brigade is the first secret alliance to make to the end, when in actuality, they were the first secret alliance to make it to the end. I also feel as if Dan played the best game ever as he was able to get his hands clean while making bond moves. He also came up with the idea to buff his alliance with Memphis.

So those duos above should of been in Big Brother 13 along with JeJo, Brenchel, and the Donatos. I also felt as if the newbies should of been "reserved" for Big Brother 14.

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