Saturday, April 21, 2012

A rant, a good song, and a song that is even worst than Friday

So, today, blogger decided to be a b*tch, and basically forced me to do the new layout. I do not really like site changes especially after you are so used to seeing a site certain way. For example, I go Facebook every day and they forced me to go through 2 changes. I hate site changes so I only changed the layout to a blog once, and I will never will again. 

On a possible note, Naya Rivera (who is my 2nd favorite singer) has sung a duet with Lea Michelle on Glee.

Like all Naya songs it is good unlike this song shown below who I claimed is even worst than Friday.

Seriously, I bet Rebecca Black is like this when she found out about this song

Edit- I thought I made share you the top 2 comments of the Friday video

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