Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The 2nd Worst Post-All-Stars Big Brother Season + The House guests Rankings for that season

Well, it is time for me to rank the 2nd worst Post-All-Stars season of Big Brother along with the house guests for that season. It is...

Big Brother 9

What I hate about the season:

The Cast- The Cast is just too damn arrogant, annoying, and vile. I like to describe the cast as a bunch of Coltons in house. Big Brother 9 is so far the season to not have returning players in them nor have anybody returned from that season. I hope that only the top 3 people returned for another season.

The Twist: The Couples Twist was plain awful. Both Alex and Parker were both screwed by the twist, and Sharon and Ryan would of been screwed by the twist if Sharon didn't returned to the game and if Alison's eviction wasn't an individual eviction.

The reason why it isn't the worst season is because it wasn't as boring as Big Brother 12.

Now, let's get things started:



He is just a vile and arrogant human being. He attacks Sheila's son, Natalie’s schizophrenic mother, and Amanda's father who committed suicide. He is basically considered to be the worst of the worst during the the time that season aired.



Chelsea keeps on crossing the line with Amanda's dead father. She was too dang terrible. Plus, she thought that Amanda was faking her faint. If Amanda fakes her faint, she deserves a freaking Oscar, but she wasn't. However, she is much more calmer now than she was in the house as I seen on Superpass, she is pretty calm and not as vile as she was in Big Brother 9.



She is full of BS. She has no freaking reason to hate Adam. Plus, her lesbian lie was freaking pointless. She just caused a target on herself by making that lie. She should know that telling about a positive relationship before entering the house always screw you over as seen with Jen this season.



Like Sheila, she is full of BS. She had no reason to make that lesbian lie. She also screw herself, Jen, and Parker by hating Jen after she told she was dating Ryan. If Alison didn't hate Jen, then her, Ryan, Jen, and Parker could of pulled a Brigade.



Natalie was so annoying. She is too dang busy chasing after Matty. Once Matty is gone, she hated Crazy James just because he gotten rid of Natalie. I do have a feeling she will be back though.



Jacob is a freaking idiot. He wanted to cause trouble on the first night and he ended up getting evicted by Parker and Jen. I can see why Sharon left with this man- or this child.



I felt very upset he call autism people the n word. My cousin has autism, and I have a close friendship with him. I am glad that he gotten fired from his job because he deserved it. I also play his drug-selling incident into this.



I hate Matt. He first of all call a white person the n word. I hate any form of discrimination. He also cried like a little baby after he got nominated. I also play his drug-selling incident into this.



I remember you being so dang boring in the house.



Same thing with you. I ranked you higher than Ryan because you were basically the most f***ed up houseguest in Big Brother history.



This shows how bad the cast was. It sad that 5 members of the top 6 were pre-jury boots.



I believe that Alison f***ed you up after she basically hates you for having Ryan, and basically told everybody.



I always felt bad for you. You were bullied by Chelsea and Joshua for your dad committing suicide, and you passed out for having no sugar. Plus, when you pass out, Chelsea and Joshua basically accused you for faking it.



You got f***ed up because of the twist. You were a very nice guy in the house, and if it weren't for your partner, you would of gone far.



I was rooting for you in the beginning, and I was so sad that you got evicted first (or more like second).


Crazy James

A true hero. I am pretty sure you will be back for All-Stars.

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