Saturday, May 19, 2012

I remember......

The old simming days......

I have probably the only person to post ever since the beginning of the forums. I remember late at night when we have the OT threads. Now, it is hard to have an OT thread because of the fact we have simmers late at night.

I remember when we actually have the modeling threads be posted at the general discussion, and the stories and legacies posted in the Creative Corner. We didn't have any Modeling or Stories sections.

I remember when we went through a bunch of secret chatrooms. It caused a lot of drama and I did some stuff that if I were to share in this blog, you will probably think I am crazy. However, we have some of our more "likable moments". I no longer go through the secret chatrooms due to certain drama. Basically, any reality show thread on the Stories and Legacies are my chatrooms.

Speaking of Stories and Legacies, I remember when it wasn't fill with dang RPG threads. The SimGurus should at least make a RPG section.

I remember when we didn't know about the Mare's Nest. I remember that it was some guy pretending to be a girl named Netherlia (I think that it was his name?) told everybody about it in one thread. That thread literally changed the whole entire simming community. Though there could be someone to find out about the Mare's Nest, they could of been a chance that no one find out about it.

For the past year, I have been greatfully ignoring the General Discussion, and ignoring all the pornography in that section. Luckily, the person posting the porn is gone, but I shall warn you the summertime is when the SimGurus are active the most, and they get ban-crazy during that time. So, I have to still post in the Stories and Legacies section until maybe October.

I bet some of the new people who posted this year don't even know who I am. I probably have the most posts ever on the forums with about 23,000 posts that I made. Just asked any person who made an account in November of 2010-now and has more than 1,500 posts with exemptions from the Battle Against Mummification contestant and the Mole contestants "Who is MummyGaGa?", and they will probably say "Huh?" In fact, asked any person who hasn't posted within the first year that the Sims 3 was out "Who is jktee?" I haven't used the name jktee in a long time. I always preferred MummyGaGa. I created the name MummyGaGa when I needed a new account and I have been in love with that name ever since I made it.

All in all, I miss the things I used to do before the summer of 2010. I miss every single simmer who I became "friends" with, and I wish that if EA actually gets a better customer service, and actually bans the trolls, then I wish they would come back.


  1. I also remember how we are able to bump whenever we want to without getting a ban.

  2. Hey there MG! It's BG well Bgategwayb. I don't really remember if you hated me or not when all the bulls*** went down.
    Either way if you hated me or loved me I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused to you.
    I miss those old days as well. :/ Don't do the forums much and when I do it's just for a little while. Found a new group of people and yet I still miss the old ones and always will.

    Heck if I would've had an obsession with gaga back then like I do now. We might've knew each other more. Gaga is amazingly awesome. B)