Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not liking the future Big Brother-related shows

There has been some Big Brother-related shows that I am not liking. I just want to take a look at this.


The Glass House

The Glass House is basically like Big Brother 1. It just a stupid popularity contest. Does ABC (the person who created this) even know how many ratings Big Brother 1 got? I hate popularity contests on reality tv. Why?

a. You can predict who is gonna win.
b. It takes away drama. I mean, if all reality shows were popularity contests, then Russell Hantz from Survivor, Courtney from the Bachelor, and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother would of been gone the first week (though I wouldn't mind Rachel going home the first week).
c. It will be easy for the producers to manipulate the show to their likings. We all saw how Big Brother 13 did that with Brendan getting back to the game. I believe Big Brother should focus less on America's vote, and more on gameplay.

So, I bet Glass House is gonna not do very well, and they won't do a season 2.

Edit- As it turns out, CBS isn't too happy with the Glass House. It looks like the Glass House won't happen:


The Jeff and Jordan Show

It makes me upset than Jeff and Jordan have their own show now. Jeff is just an arrogant homophobic jerk who deserved to be on Yahoo's Worst Reality Stars list. Jordan is a damn hypocrite. She complains about sheep following people around, yet she didn't do a single damn thing. She also considers Porsche useless, but what the hell did Jordan did? I much prefer if Janelle, Britney, Chilltown, Dan, Danielle Reyes, or one of the Donatos to get their own show.

While I will still watch Big Brother 14 which I hope won't be another disappointed like the last 2 seasons, I don't like the further Big Brother-related shows.

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