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Survivor: One World is over, so that means it is time to countdown for Big Brother 14. I will post many Big Brother activities until Big Brother 14.

I shall start by ranking the post-All-Stars seasons starting with my least favorite post-All Stars season, and ending with my favorite post All-Stars season. I also shall rank the contestants from those seasons. Now, let's start

My least favorite post-All Stars season is Big Brother 12.

Let me tell how awful it is:

First of all, it does not have a well-like cast. Brenchel is probably my least favorite duo ever to play the game. The Brigade is one of my least favorite alliances along with the Nerd Herd, and the Veterans Alliance. Kathy is probably one of the biggest floaters in Big Brother history along with Cowboy and Adam.

Second of all, it was too dang predictable. Everyone knows that the Brigade is freaking going to the end. I kinda wished that Britney won the last two HOH competitions because it will cause Britney to be in the final 2. Plus, Julie Chen must short term memory. Does she remember the Renegades? They were the first secret alliance to go to the end together not the Brigade.

Third of all, the twist was an EPIC FAIL! The Saboteur was evicted week one. They should of just have Annie raised her hand when Julie asked someone to be the mascot for the competition. Plus, as much as I like Ragan, Ragan kinda played it safe, and only did one sabotage where he physically have to do something. I just wanted to share that if Karissa from my show were to get evicted week one, then I would of just have somebody else take Karissa's spot as the Saboteur.

All in all, Big Brother 12 is in fact the worst season ever.

Now, let me do the rankings.


God, Brenchel is just a disaster. She was just trying to be a drama queen and get in fights with everyone. I know this is probably all an act, but do you really want to be remembered as the b*tch of the season just for you to be remembered. If I were on Big Brother, I honestly want to be remembered as the floater of the season rather than the b*tch the season. Did you see my location when she got evicted from the Big Brother house? It says:

Rachel, I'm glad to see you out of the Big Brother house. We will not miss you.

I would of have the location again if she were to be evicted from the Big Brother 13 house, but she never did thanks to Alison's rigging. I hope that her and her man do not come back for Big Brother 14.



This shows how much I hate Brenchel as they were ranked as the worst 2 house guests of the season. Brendan is an idiot as he orginially wanted to use the Veto on Rachel instead of himself week one, which was a move he made in Big Brother 13. He also would of used the Veto on Rachel week 5 as well. He also turned Rachel's life into a soap opera. I am not sure how Rachel's life before she entered the house, but I don't thinks she has dealt with this kind of soap opera drama. Brendan if you are reading this (which I doubt), then you need to freaking leave Rachel alone. Go back to f**king around Skype.



Even though Matt wasn't as bad as Brenchel, he was quite terrible. He lied about his wife having this disease which is just plain sick. I wouldn't go that far to win a half million dollars. Lane said on the finale "Lie about your dog having a disease not your wife." I perfectly agree with Lane on this.



What I hate about Enzo is that he should physically be able to do what Kathy and Shelly can't do yet he sucks at competitions. He competed in the most competitions in Big Brother 12, yet he sucks at them and only won once. He had a strong social game, but he sucks at competitions. At least Kathy and Shelly are old enough where they can't physically do a lot of stuff.



Kathy sucks at everything Big Brother. I know that she is a nice person, but she sucks at everything. She sucks at competitions which she has a more reasonable excuse to do that as Enzo should physically be able to do stuff Kathy and Shelly can't do. However, she sucks at the everything strategic as she was the only person without any sort of alliance in the top 10. Brenchel was a showmance together so you can count that as an alliance. We have the Brigade with Hayden, Lane, Enzo, and Matt. As for Britney, Kristen, and Ragan, they have side alliances with Lane, Hayden, and Matt. So, basically everybody have alliances in the top 10 except for Kathy. All in all, Kathy freaking sucks at everything.



What I hate about Kristen is that she along with Hayden are hypercritical. She acts as if it is alright for her and Hayden to have a showmance but not Brenchel. If Brenchel is not allowed to have a showmance, then why should Kristen and Hayden? I also don't like the fact that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend. I don't like cheaters, and cheaters never win.

(Yes, I loved Daniele, and she had a "showmance" with Nick in Big Brother 8 while she was with some other guy, but it wasn't really an usual showmance. It seems like Nick has feelings for Daniele while she was with some other dude and wasn't completely making out with him. It is more like an one-sided relationship as Nick keeps on flirting with Daniele, and Daniele doesn't really flirts and makes out with him all the time.)



I was annoyed with her when I first started watching the live feeds. She told this story over and over again, and it annoyed me. Then, when she is on the block, she kept campaigning and campaigning, and she basically won't accept the fact she was gonna be the first person evicted that season. As much as I am glad that she is the first one gone,



He was a dang hypocrite for having a showmance with Kristen after he made it clear that Brenchel can't have a showmance. I am generally glad that Andrew busted their a**es off, and they got nominated next week. I would of preferred if Hayden were to go home instead of Kristen because at least we had one Brigade member in the house that got evicted before the jury, and I won't think that Brigade would make it to the end if that were to happen.



Compared to his other Brigade members, Lane did absolutely nothing except be friends with Britney. Hayden kick a** in competitions, Matt manipulated the game and lied about his wife, Enzo got rid of everyone he wants to get rid of week after week, and you look at Lane. I kinda want Britney and Lane to get together (though that is never going to happen considering Britney married her high school sweetheart), but Lane kinda sucks in terms of a gameplay competitor.



This shows how much this season sucks. The only reason why Monet even is in the top 4 of this season is because the cast freaking sucks. It is also because I am a fan of somebody who made close friends with.



What I like about Ragan is that he is the only person in the house to suspect that there is an alliance between Enzo, Matt, Lane, and Hayden. I would of love to see Ragan win the HOH Lane won instead of Lane, and have a Brigade member sent packing. That would of make the season 100 times more interesting than it already was.



The reason why I ranked him higher than Ragan is because of his epic Veto speech. He basically outed Kristen and Hayden's secret showmance despite they hypocritically formed the showmance and act as if they are the only people allowed to form a showmance. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate Brenchel, but I wish he was able to stay, and get rid of Hayden, or even better have him find out about the Brigade instead of the secret showmance, and bust out the Brigade in his plead speech. All in all, Andrew made the best plead speech I ever heard, and because of that, he earned the spot of my favorite male houseguest of Big Brother 12.



My saving Grace for the season. She had the freaking the best diary room confessions ever. She is the Courtney Yates of Survivor (though Britney was actually good in challenges while Courtney wasn't). They both are not afraid to speak her mind in the diary rooms, and they both ended up doing impressions with either Todd or Lane. I certainly would of prefer Lane and Britney to come back for Big Brother 13 instead of the soap opera dramatic Brenchel. Heck, any duo will do even aroogant April and Ollie (from Big Brother 10), the hypercritical Hayden and Kristin (from Big Brother 12), and the bigots Ivette and Beau (from Big Brother 6).

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