Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Survivor Winners Rankings

Well, the Survivor finale week is here so I thought that this is the perfect time to rank the winners of Survivor. Here are my rankings of Survivor winners:

23. Jenna Morasca the winner of Survivor: The Amazon

When I saw this, I was like "how the **** did she win?". I'm still upset that she won.

Who should of won: Rob Cesetnino. If they were to do a final 3 that season, he would of won.

22. Amber Mariano the winner of Survivor: All_Stars

The only reason she was on All-Stars was because Elisabeth rejected the offer to come back. It would be kinda funny if Elisabeth did come back because if Elisabeth did come back, then Boston Rob would of never meet Amber, and so he would probably marry Alicia instead.

Who should of won: Boston Rob who was "robbed" by an unreasonably bitter jury.

21. Vecepia Towery the winner of Survivor: Marquesas

Her and Neleh are the least deserving final two ever on Survivor. They both relied on luck instead of strategy.

Who should of won: Kathy, she was the smartest person on Survivor: Marquesas

20. Natalie White the winner of Survivor: Samoa

Her Erik blindslide is the reason why she isn't ranked last.

Who should of won: Russell Hantz. Despite the fact that he had a terrible social game that season and didn't deserve to win Heroes vs Villains, he definitely played a great strategic game that season that has changed the way we played Survivor.

19. Aras Baskauskas the winner of Survivor: Panama
He won Survivor: Panama just because of the fact he was sitting next to Danielle who is the typically female cocktail rider.
Who should of won: Cirie. She should of been the first ever two-time winner of Survivor.
18. Ethan Zohn the winner of Survivor: Africa
If we were rankings winners based on how nice they are, Ethan would be #1, but like Aras, he was sitting next to the typical female cocktail rider.
Who should of won: Lex. Despite his paranoia, he did a good job at controlling the game.
17. Sandra Diaz-Twine the winner of Survivor: Pearl Islands
While I do think that she deserved to win that season, she won because she was sitting next to an Outcast.
Who should of won: As I much as I hate to say it, Jonny Fairplay. Now, excuse me, and

(Sorry but I did not like Jonny Fairplay at all)

16. Sandra Diaz-Twine the winner of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

Now let me point out that there has been a common debate saying if Sandra deserved to win Heroes vs Villains. Let me point out by saying that in my opinion, she deserved to win because she was the only person who tried to get rid of Russell at the merge (though the Heroes were dumb enough to not listen to her). Bad editing is the reason why people think that she didn't deserve to win However, I believe that a certain played a better game than Sandra, and were more deserving to be the winner of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.

Who Should of Won: Parvati. She was fantastic at competitions, made the biggest move this season by playing not one but two idols, and she was able to make things go her way when it seems like it won't.

15. Fabio Birza the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua

He deserved to win because of the fact that he was good at challenges (he won the most immunity challenges of the season. He won the first immunity challenge along with the last 3.) However, there is some more deserving to be the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua

Who Should of Won: Holly. She made a comeback of that season as she went from being the tribe's oddball (remember when she dumped Dan's shoes) to controlling the game.

14. Sophie Clarke the winner of Survivor: South Pacific

Like Sandra, a lot of people were upset that she won because they thought she didn't do anything, but it was because of bad editing. She was good at challenges, and strategy. However, someone was more deserving to win Survivor: South Pacific.

Who Should of Won: Coach. Despite his hypocrisy, he controlled the game to the end.

13. Bob Crowley the winner of Survivor: Gabon

If someone were to say Bob Crowley to someone, you will probably say Huh? Then, if I mention Bob Crowley was on Survivor, you will be like Oh! He also falls under the category "People who deserved to win their season, but someone was more deserving of their win."

Who Should of Won: Sugar. She was responsible for getting rid of almost every jury member except for Marcus of course. I even put her in the category "A Survivor Who Should of Won, but didn't in my 39-day challenge of Survivor.

12. Parvati Shallow the winner of Survivor: Fans vs Favorites

Before people b*tched and complained about how I ranked Parvati too low, then I want to remind you that Parvati did played the best game Heroes vs Villains, and should of won that season. However, in Micronesia, the editors tried to edit the season like Parvati was calling all the shots, but it was actually the person who should won Fans vs Favorites who was calling all the shots. If she were to win Heroes vs Villains, then she would of have a higher ranking as the winner of Heroes vs Villains. However, I am ranking her based on her performance on Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, and not on her performance on Heroes vs Villains. Sorry I love Parvati, but she wasn't the most deserving person to win Survivor: Fans vs Favorites (though she did deserve to win that season).

Who Should Have Won: Once again, Cirie. She was the really person to control all the shots in Fans vs Favorites not Parvati. The final 2 twist ending up screwing her. If there has been a final 3, then Cirie would of kicked Parvati's ***.

And by the way, this is why I prefer the final 3 instead of the final 2. If there has been a final 3 in every season, then the people who should of won would of won. For example, Lex, Kathy, Rob C. (not freaking Boston Rob. Seriously, if I were to get a dollar every time someone thinks that Rob C. is Boston Rob, I would be rich by now.), and Cirie would of end up winning.

11. Earl Cole the winner of Survivor: Fiji

He and Yau-Man were able to work together, and control all the shots of that season. However, Yau-Man deserved to win that season more.

Who would of won: Like I said above, Yau-Man

10. Boston Rob Mariano the winner of Survivor: Redemption Island

An overrated winner. While he is the most deserving person to win Survivor: Redemption Island, he was dealing with a bunch of idiots that season who were too stupid not to vote him off.

The Vote: 8-1-0 (against the odd and conversional Phillip, and the cocktail rider Natalie

9. Danni Boatwright the winner of Survivor: Guatemala

She went to the merge with a numbers disadvantage, and she was able to outlast a tribe in her season.

The Vote: 6-1 (against Stephenie LaGrossa's evil twin)

8. Brian Heidik the winner of Survivor: Thailand

If we were ranking winners based upon how disliked they are, Brian would be #23. However, we are ranking winners based upon their strategic game. He was certainly the most deserving person to win Thailand.

The Vote: 4-3 (against the lazy old southern racist Clay)

7. J.T. Thomas

While J.T. somewhat ended up making the dumbest move of all-time according to the official poll, he and Stephan made the only final 2 where they both equally deserve to win.

The Vote: 7-0 (against Stephan who really deserves more credit)

6. Tom Westman

He lead his tribe into a challenge swipe in Survivor: Palau which is impressive I might say. He also was good at strategically, and was a challenge dominator.

The Vote: 6-1 (against the lazy mean Katie)

5. Chris Daughtery

Not to be confused with Chris Daughtry, but he was able to form the fat five when he was first on the chopping block. He was also so good at having the women turned on one another because he was able to outlast an all-female alliance.

The Vote: 5-2 (against Twila who had many enemies on the jury)

4. Yul Kwon the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands

He gotten rid of Coa Boi so that nobody will know that he has the idol, used the idol without really using it, and gotten rid of Jonathan Penner in order to gain a jury vote which gave him a million dollars.

The Vote 5-4-0 (against the cocky Ozzy and the girl who can't make fire Becky)

3. Todd Herzog

Was able to control the game all the way to the end. He did a lot of backstabbing and lies, but he was able to apologize to each and every backstab/lie he has done. I believe that he should of been on the villains tribe instead of Tyson or Randy.

The Vote: 4-2-1 (against the hilarious Courtney or Amanda who is terrible at final tribal council performances)

2. Tina Wesson

She was able to manuplatate and control the game as she blindslided Mitchell, Jerri, and Amber. She was also able to convince Colby to take her to the end instead of Keith which is pretty hard to do since Colby would of won by an unanimous vote if he were to bring Keith to the end.

The Vote: 4-3 (against Colby who still regrets bringing TIna to the end)

1. Richard

He is the king of Survivor. He actually knows how to play the game unlike some people on the recent seasons. He formed the first ever alliance to be made on Survivor.

The Vote: 4-3 (against Kelly the Rat)

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  1. I think the fact that Tina was first voted off of All-Stars should knock her down a few spots. Otherwise, a very good compilation. By the way, the term is "Coattail rider", not "Cocktail rider". Cocktails are appetizers.