Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cassi Country

Cassi Country is a typical country girl. She loves horses, knows how to ride, and works as a horsewoman. She remembers her manners but will drop them on a dime to teach someone 'What's right'. She is also very good at cooking. She holds a dark secret though. She is actually suppose to be a zombie. When she was 17, she got hit by a meteor, and she died from that meteor. Her current ex-boyfriend was madly in love with her at that time, and so he made a deal with an evil witch so that she can be resurrected. As it turns out, she got resurrected. She then got a magical neckband where she can always be human. However, if she were to take off her neckband, she will turn back into a zombie.

All cc is transferrable for this sim. You need Late Night and Pets for her. You can find her in the uploads for the Fame column.

Hope you have fun with her.

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