Monday, June 18, 2012

Glass House Ranting

Okay, I just wanted to take the time to rant about the Glass House.

First of all, it is a complete rip-off of Big Brother. They have 18 people who were from CBS who gotten fired or they quit working there. They made a pact to not reveal any information the only CBS knows. They wanted to get job back, but they didn't, so they made their own Big Brother show.

2nd of all, the live feeds aren't 24/7. They are on for four hours, and who knows what happens during those four hours. You could miss on exciting events, and you don't know what truly goes on in the house.

3rd of all, the format sucks. It's a stupid popularity contest, and I hate it. There is no strategy involve so because of that no alliances can be made, enemies will most likely not be formed, and I don't think there will be a whole lot of fights since basically a lot of fights that happened in the house are stragetic.

4th of all, Alex is probably one of the biggest idiots in reality television. He's not a villain, he is an idiot. You don't ask people "Should I be the villain?". It is your decision on who should be a villain and who shouldn't. No matter if it is an "act" like Rachel and Phillip says they are pulling an act, or it is how you really are like Corrine and Chima weren't really faking their villainous side of them. Plus, you have to actually be likable in order to win. Alex will basically won't win unless ABC do some massive winning.

5th of all, the cast isn't that attractive. I think that there are just some Big Brother rejects, and I think that they should just get the real deal. I heard that Big Brother is trying to get a lot of eye candy next season in order to fight fire with fire. However, I don't think they need to do that because the Glass House would just be a flop.

So, basically, Big Brother 14 will be like this:

While the Glass House will be like this:

Now, I want to point out I have my own interactive reality show based on Big Brother called the Battle Against Mummification. However, those two are different as my show is freaking fan-made. I don't have a live feeds feature which will be extremely hard to do. I also don't allow as sort of America's Player twist. If my show were to actually be shown on television, it will have problems. However, me hosting the Battle Against Mummification is completely different than having former CBS workers making the Glass House.

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