Thursday, June 21, 2012

Please Do Me a Favor

Okay, if you read this post, I really want you to vote for Janelle in this poll

This is the comment I posted there

No offense but I think that this poll should of been created 3 seasons later with nobody from BB14/BB15/BB16 in it, or had nobody from the last 3 seasons of Big Brother in the poll. That way fan bases can just calm down, and they will actually vote for the better player.

It is really ridiculous that Jordan is still here. Compared to Danielle, who made it to the final 3 in her original season without getting nominated, Jun, who is basically invented one of the most underrated strategies in Big Brother, and if we don't get enough votes soon, Janelle, who is basically the best competitor we had on Big Brother.

I am gonna campaign as heck in order for Janelle to win this poll. I will ask as many friends as possible to vote for Janelle. I don't want Jordan to be still here after this round.

If you read this post, and you decided to vote for Jordan or you decided to not vote at all, then I will come after you.

And yes Bad_Ass_McD_Fan is my twitter account. Feel free to stalk me

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