Saturday, June 30, 2012

A rant on the ridiculous BB14 rumors I heard

The rumor has it that CBS will be bringing some favorite Big Brother players from the past. However, they won't be playing the game as contestants, and they won't they be able to win the half million dollars. Instead, they are here to serve the game as mentors helping the contestants about Big Brother. It is ridiculous because who would want spend a whole entire summer in the Big Brother house knowing they can't win. At least the Sabpteur can go home with some prize.

Plus, the 4 mentors are supposed to Janelle, Mike Boogie, Rachel, and Dan.

Janelle just gave brith and she probably won't abandon her baby just to be on Big Brother.

Mike Boogie stated he will never be on Big Brother again.

Dan is the kind of person that won't go back if he can't win.

Rachel is by far the most ridiculous one. She is hosting rumor control (a pre-season segment on super pass), and last year Daniele Donato hosted rumor control last season and by the final episode she was in the Big Brother house and they have to replace her with Annie with the excuse of "her having Skype problems". Now, Superpass is gonna more careful now, and if she really did come back, she wouldn't be hosting rumor control. I also want to point out that she was seen on media day of BB14 so she was able to see the house before they entered Big Brother 14.

So, basically, the mentors rumor is basically a bs rumor. However, if it is true, I will like to give you how much I don't like it.

First of all, the mentors could manipulate the game into their likings. They can pick and choose what they want to tell people based on if they like them or not. They could give them pointers on previous competitions they done.

Second of all, they are just gonna suck up airtime. Take Big Brother 13 for example. Lawon was in the house for same amount of days as Rachel did in Big Brother 12. However, Lawon nearly didn't get as much airtime as Rachel did in Big Brother 12. Porsche made it the final 2 as she didn't get as much airtime as Rachel did Big Brother 13. Kalia didn't get a whole of airtime until the house meeting. So, basically, all the newbies did not get enough showtime as the veterans last season. If this mentors twist is real, then I will be extremely mad.

Third of all, we just returning players last season, and you are willing to do another season with them. That is just plain ridiculous. If you want returning players, then do an All-Stars season.

So, basically, the mentors, twist is BS!

(Also, I know that this has nothing to do withe BB14 rumors but Rachel was the one to get evicted on media day )

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