Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pre-Season BB14 Rankings

Well, the cast for Big Brother 14 has been officially announced. I shall announce rank the Big Brother 14 cast before the show! It will be divided into 3 categories- Bottom Tiers (the house guests I don't like or have a neutral opinion on), the Middle Tiers (the house guests I do like), and the Top Tiers (the house guests I love). Take note that this may change depending on what they do in the house.

Bottom Tiers

12. Wil

I hated him ever since he opened his mouth. His voice is annoying. Plus, he says he hates EvelDick and he likes Rachel. I have to say "WTF is wrong with you?"

11. Frank

You hate Daniele Donato so I can't root for you.

10. Ashley

Based on her interview on super pass, she seems like she is gonna be a train wreck. She wanted to make this "Snow White" alliance which is basically similar to Keith's Angels (which is Keith from last season's strategy before he enters the house). She talks about how she loves love and she wanted to hypnotize people to "love" her. I have a feeling the mentors twist was created for her and she will be a pre-jury boot.

CBS needs to stop putting people who basically will be a pre-jury boot. You know that Keith was gonna be a pre-jury boot last season, and now Ashley is basically gonna be a pre-jury boot this season. I know CBS is like "Well, they may surprise you", but in reality, they didn't.

9. Shane

I think that he is very boring! I literally stop watching his super pass interview due to the fact he is too boring. The only reason he got on is so that he can the eye candy for the females.

Middle Tiers

8. Willie

I'm getting a mixed vibe on him. He could have a great strategic game and be actually nice (I saw one of his interviews (not his super pass interview) and he seems pretty calm). On the other hand he could be like Brandon and play a terrible game. So, by the end of the season, he could be a top tier or a bottom tier, so I made him a middle tier.

7. Joe

He was a replacement for a guy named Mike. He seems okay! He is a professional chef so I definitely want him in the house.

6. Kara

She seems really nice for a model. She was a former playmate of the year, so I definitely do like that. She also like E.D. and hates Rachel though she does like Jeff and Jordan! All in all, I think she is in fact a nice girl though she could fall for the curse of the models as the last 3 seasons, the model in the house gets to be the 2nd person eliminated (Laura in BB11, Monet in BB12, and Cassi in BB13).

5. JoJo

First of all, I think JoJo is hot. She seems to know a lot about the game. In her official description, she watched out for production by stating that she "have a strategy, but is it smart to tell you?" She seems as if she has a good chance at winning this game! However, the reason why she is a middle tier is that she could possibly be someone to cause a lot of drama.

The Top Tiers

4. Jenn

She seems as if to be a down to earth like character and I kinda of person I could be friends with in real like. She is also able to tell when somebody is lying which could be useful in the Big Brother house. I also like the fact that they for the first time since Big Brother 6, we actually have our first actual lesbian. Take a look at the couple of seasons, and we only got bisexual people like Lydia and Annie! She also is one of those people who is seem to be pro-music which I like! I hope she makes it far because I could easily root for her. Plus, she I am also comparing a top tier to a BB/Survivor contestant, and for Jenn, she is Nakomois.

3. Ian

A big super fan in the house. He is basically the nerdy version of Erik Reichenbach as they both started to watch the reality shows that they are in. He could end up playing a good game and he could out Willie for being a Hantz as he stated that he feels a Hantz will come to the show.

2. Danielle

She has the southern belle charm and she looks pretty cute! I have a feeling that she is gonna put on a poker face and acts like she is like one of the typical young female cocktail rider but in reality, she could be a major strategist in the house and she could end up winning this game. As for the comparison, I am comparing her to J.T., and when I mean J.T., I wasn't talking about his dumb move he made in Heroes vs Villains, but his gameplay in Tocantins. LIke Danielle, J.T. both a country-like personality. Because this, everybody seems to trust them but in reality he was able to put on a poker face, and he was able to sent the people who trusted him packing. In my opinion, both Danielle and J.T. are gonna both put on a poker face and foul the people that thought he or she was trustable or non-dangerous.

1. Judy

I was impressed with Judy's interview. She is clearly a super fan as she watched every season since season 1. She loves Daniele in Big Brother 13, and she hates JeJo. One thing I am concerned about is that there are gonna a bunch of JeJo lovers on BB14 and they hated Dani, but thanks to her, she can representing Team Dani! I have a strong feeling she is gonna be the next Danielle Reyes (not to be confused with Daniele Donato or the Danielle that is on this season) and become the first african-american winner of Big Brother.

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