Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Thoughs

Sorry that I haven't been posting s lot! There is much not I can say since I can't go in the general discussion due to it is the time of year the SimGurus is most active. So, I have decided to post some random thoughts.

1. I am no longer a Britney Haynes fan. She has been bratty on the live feeds and she hates Janelle on there for literally no reason. I think I am gonna mummify her soon.

2. I didn't like the idea of fairies because I thought they were too girly. However, i eventually read this paragraph on this blog. It says:
From the get-go, we knew fairies had to be mischievous. I mean, c’mon, it’s in their nature! We plotted and schemed on how to go about tricking Sims unbeknownst. Through legend, lore, and a bit of creativity from our design team, we found a great combination of distracting gestures combined with fairy magic and fairy traps to keep Sims on their toes. The outcome means that fairies have an entire repository of tricks and traps that they can go through. They must be careful though; some Sims may appear to be oblivious, but instead are privy to exactly what is going to happen. If this is the case, that fairy may just end up getting a taste of their own medicine. Some great examples of fairy tricks and traps are Skivvies, where a fairy can trick another Sim into changing into their own sleepwear, or Inner Beauty, where a fairy uses a little fairy dust to transform a Sim’s appearance and test their true character. Don’t worry though, the results aren’t permanent… that is, if your Sim proves that they have a kind heart.

Now, I kinda like the idea of a mischievous fairy. I probably want to pull lots of pranks with my fairy sim.

3. Why the heck am I getting an Once Upon a Time field to this ep? In the blog, it says "Although fairies increase in their power, it is not limitless and does come with a cost." When I read that, I immediately thought of Rumplestiltskin saying "All Magic Comes At A Price". I also say this screenshot of the magic mirror which you can see below, and I immediately thought of the Magic Mirror from Once Upon a Time.

4. Speaking of the magic mirror, the magic mirror from Once Upon a TIme kinda had a sh*tty life. He was trapped in a mirror for 1,000 years, was caught killing Snow White's father, and then he became trapped inside a mirror. Then, in Storybrooke, his counterpart was fired from his job.

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