Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Sims 3 Is Coming To The End?

As you can tell, 6 games on that box with the question mark below appear to be unreleased at the time of the patch! One game is Deisul and the other is Supernatural.

Meaning after Supernatual, there is only 4 games left!

So, basically, my prediction is that the last 4 games are gonna be

1. Seaside Stuff Pack- Fill with Beach-Themed Content
2. University- I honestly would prefer a farm-themed expansion pack! I kinda want an original expansion pack since we haven't had one since Generations (I am not counting Supernatural as an original stuff pack since it was basically Makin Magic but with a lot of other creatures)
3. Teens Stuff Pack- Like they voted on the poll
4. Seasons- During the Sims 2, everybody wanted Magic and so they gave us magic in the last expansion pack! So, they are gonna give us seasons for last!

I honestly don't want the Sims 3 to end any time soon! I honestly felt as if it were yesterday when I got the Sims 3. So much stuff have gone by! Back then, I honestly never heard about Big Brother until I have to watch for my first interactive reality show! I never watched Survivor until it aired right before the finale of Big Brother 12.

I honestly don't think we will get the Sims 4 for a while due to the fact that I don't think there can be a whole lot of ideas for the Sims 4. I think in 10 years from now, they will end up doing a reboot for the Sims franchise. I also think they will focus more on the new SimCity reboot franchise until the reboot comes!

Man, I am kinda am getting sad now! I am gonna be one of those people to still on Simming forums even after the Sims franchise is basically dead! So, 5 years from now, if you are still going on simming sites, then I am guess I am not the only one!

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