Monday, July 30, 2012

WHAT THE F***...... (Survivor Spoilers Rant)

So, as you know, I am a huge Survivor fan and I kinda wanted to look through Survivor spoilers. I was able to find out this

Survivor 26 is another Fams vs Favorites season. The final 5 of the season is Cochran, Dawn, Brenda, some newbie, and Micronesia Erik. In the final 5, Dawn blindslided Brenda and everybody was literally p***ed and surprised about it. In fact, Erik was so surprised about it that he had a mental breakdown and was medically evaluated. They were so angry that they call Dawn evil. They most likely voted for Cochran to win

Now, I have to tell the all kinds of wrongs about that post.

1. Dawn is not evil. I am very much upset at the fact at how much of the jury is. They basically are another All-Stars jury which is a jury that were so upset for no reason.

If you haven't watch the All-Stars final tribal council, take at these jury speeches

Now, this final tribal council is considered to be a very bitter final tribal council. They aren't the first bitter jurors though. Take a look:

2. Erik breaking down on Day 38 because Brenda is gone is freaking ridiculous. I think that he will kinda be a showmance with her but you are see her in one day after the final tribal council.

3. Getting rid of Brenda is in fact a strategic move. Now, for every tribal council, we are gonna see bitter jurors.

I asked you to take a look at the One World council where Kat went from crying when she got blindslided to making a tearful speech at the final tribal council.

4. I can't believe that Cochran would of won. I don't really think he is the best player out of all the rumored favorites.

Well, it is kinda too early to based my opinions considering I don't much about Dawn's and Brenda's relationship,, but I kinda think it is stupid.

At least we are gonna see a whole of surprises at the finale. Why can't we skip to next year's mother's day already?

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