Friday, August 17, 2012

Cassandra Classical + Some SIms That Were Deleted Are Now Reuploaded

This is Cassandra Classical. She is part of my "Music Genre" collection along with Rita Rocker-Chick, Cassi Country, and Kelly Pop.

When I think Classical, I think of a fancy rich person. She is a fancy rich person who is studious and smart. She is also a little outgoing but she only hangs out with other fancy rich people. She dislikes anything dirty and slobs.

All of her cc is most likely transferrable. The reason why I said most likely because there is a chance the hair isn't but if it isn't, download the hair here:

I forgot what expansion packs you need for this sim so be warn if you don't have WA/Amb/LN/Pets, then some content that this sim has may be replaced. You can find her in the Uploads for the Fame column. Hope You Have Fun With Her.

Also, FYI, I have reuploaded some content that was deleted. They include:

Cirie Fields
Remy's Hello Kitty Overalls
Sierra Drinkard
Jennifer Life
Wiggles Life
My Britney Haynes Sim

So, if you are interested in downloading these sims, you can download them now. Hoep you have fun with all the sims mentioned in this post.

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