Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dos and Don'ts in Sims Realty TV #4

It has been a long time since I have last did one of those, but I thought I should do one of them since I have plenty of thoughts to say


Do read each sim's personality carefully- If somebody submits a sim with a really big personality, and you don't express it, then I would consider you a bad writer. Yes, there are traits, but a sim's personality can't always be described with traits. Take Courtney Yates for example. I don't think you can described her personality through traits. You can give her the Good Sense of Humor trait, but there is different types of humor. For example, I can't imagine Courtney Yates doing prop comedy soon,


Don't use competitions based on luck- I did in fact have a competiton based on luck in the 2nd season of the show, and I will never use a competition like that again. Why? I join another show with the first HOH being completely based on luck, and I realized how unfair that competition was. Don't offense to the creator of that show (who is probably reading this right now), but it kinda like you are picking the winner of that competition.

Don't use the Couples Twist from Big Brother- That has to be the most unfair twist of Big Brother history. It screw over people who didn't deserved to be evicted.

Don't use competitions that give people unfair advantages- For example, if you have a real-life friend on the show, and you did a quiz about yourself, the real-life friend will get an unfair advantage just because they know you.

Don't use the Coaches twist from Big Brother and have the coaches return to the game as actual players- The coaches will basically get immunity for the first couple of weeks just because of the fact that they played this game before. If you want the Coaches twist to be in the game, then just have them coach all season long and not have them return to the game as players at all.

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