Sunday, August 26, 2012


Now that I have gotten your attention, I want to address the Sims 4 rumors. This gif below sums up my feelings about the rumors

I don't think the Sims 4 is coming out soon. I mean what are they gonna add that makes the Sims 4 different from first three Sims games. My theory is that they are gonna focus on the SimCity franchise for about the next couple of years and then they are gonna make a reboot of the whole entire Sims series.

I also want to point that what the OP said in this thread is a fail. Considering that she (I am assuming that it's a she due to her female avatar) credited a fan blog as her source is stupid. I mean I can't confirm anything about the future of stuff I don't own. I know what is gonna happen in the next episode of TBAM. I know what I want to happen in my game. I don't know if CBS will stop using their returning players in order to get ratings (which if they do that, I may just watch Big Brother and Survivor again). I don't know who is gonna win president this year. I also don't know if EA is gonna make the Sims 4 soon. If I couldn't predict what if the Sims 4 gonna happen soon, then why shouldn't that fan blog?

So, I think the Sims 4 rumors aren't gonna true, but I may be wrong. I can't give an official confirmation if it is true or not.

PS: I have notice a common theme in the top 4 of the top 5 threads of the Stories and Legacies section.

PSS: No, I am NOT pregnant. I used this technique in order to get some attention. There's no way I can be pregnant unless the alien abduction technique in the Sims 2 actually works. But if it works, I don't even want to be preggo.

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