Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rita Rocker-Chick

Okay, this is my newest sim. It is part of my "Music Genre" sim collection. So far, her, Kelly Pop, and Cassi Country are all part of Music Genre.

Rita is just the typical rocker chick. She is attracted to guitarists with long hair, and she extremely dislike rap music. She is fully capable of being "one of the guys" when hanging out, while maintaining her feminine appeal. Her catchphrase is "Say What?" She also have lived a hard life. When she was 13, she was at a Coal Chamber concert and she met a dude her age called Darren Disco. They somehow were able to "woohoo" at the concert and she went into a teenaged pregnancy. Then, 2 months later, Darren found out about the pregnancy and as it turns out, Darren's family is really religious so Darren'a family forced her into keeping the baby (who is later named Dirk Disco) and marrying Darren Disco. 7 years later, Darren got hit by a meteor and then died. Rita then changed her last name into the name that she was born with, and she would of given up Dirk for adoption but she kinda gotten close to Dirk, so she didn't. However, it caused her to sign-up for multiple jobs. Her current job is a Guitar Store Salesperson which she dislikes due to her bossy boss. She hopes to join a reality show in order to get some money.  

It took me literally 3 hours just to make her. I based her personality off of Metal from MyMusic but I made her female. Why? Because I am planning on having 9 sims and I want some sort of equalizer on them. I also want a way to have Dirk and Rita to have different last names. 

You need Ambitions and Late Night for this sim. All of her cc is transferrable (but be warned, she has a lot of cc).  You can find her in the Uploads for the Fame column. I hope you have fun with her.

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