Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rocky Rap

Okay, for my music genre collection, I have made all four females first as I believe in the concept "Ladies First".

Now, I am gonna do my male sims. Starting with my rap sim (though he isn't really a gangster as he is a poser but I want the ones musical stereotypes that are from MyMusic to be based upon the MyMusic characters)

Rocky may seem like a typical gangstar as he got the swag and rap as one but in reality, he is just a nerd who likes to play the cello, watches Doctor Who, and reads comic books. He pretends to be a gangster because he really needed a job, and the only one that he can do is be a rapper so he pretends to be a gangster so that he can get the job. Wil people ever find out his secret or will he be able to live the rest of his life as a poser without being caught?

You need this from the Sims 3 store

You also need Pets and Ambitions for this sim.

You can find him in the Uploads For The Fame column.

Hope you have fun with him.

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