Friday, September 14, 2012

A little rant about TBAM thread getting locked

Warning: This post contains some inappropriate content here! If you don't like it, then do not press the "Don't Be a Drag, Just Read Some More" button or don't scroll down.

Now, last Tuesday night, I went to bed, and I fell asleep for 19 hours (yeah, that was a pretty long dang nap for me). I then went to class after I woke up. I then immediately checked the Battle Against Mummification: Double Dysfunction thread was locked. I check all the posts that happened after I went to bed. These posts shows up:

Seriously, nothing ended up being wrong here.

I ended up asking why was the thread locked. She responded with this.

Then, Gatorade ended up making one last post in The Battle Against Mummification threads saying this:

Seriously, just because Gatorade ended up making on swear word causes my thread to be locked.

If EA wants to lock a thread for swearing issues, then I know a thread that is more deserving to be locked.

I don't want to call out the original poster of the thread, who is TurnerSims3 but in the Mole, Taiha ends up having a cat named Mr. Fluffers (who is now Mr. Meow). Now, according to wikipedia, a fluffer is a hired member of the crew of a pornographic movie whose role on the set is usually to sexually arouse the male participants prior to the filming of scenes requiring erections. Because of that, EA decided to censor the word Fluffer on the forums. None of us really knew about what Fluffers are, so we decided to keep on saying fluffers by using ways to keep it uncensored like saying f.luffers. 2nd of all, when the Big Baboon (a show similar to Big Brother) cast was announced, there was a cast member named Nooki. According to wordnetweb, the word Nooki means fuck. Like the word, fluffers, we did not know how inappropriate Nooki is, so we keep saying Nooki like N.ooki. We eventually learned how inappropriate those two words are.

So, in my opinion, no offense to Turner, but if they want to lock a thread for usage of swear words, then the Mole thread would of been more appropriate while the TBAM thread that got locked gets locked just for one swear word. If you really want some disciplinary actions for Gatorade saying that swear word, then you should of just deleted the post.

So, basically, EA basically screw up big time as they literally gave the long disciplinary actions for just breaking the rules. It's like if a school principal decided to expel someone on the first day of school just because he or she decided to chew some gum. It also makes me want to move TBAM to a fansite which can be more properly taken care but I won't since the officials are the most used sims site of all-time.

I just wanted to say FUCK YOU EA AGAIN!

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