Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A rant on the Twilight references in Supernatural

I have been playing Supernatural and it is a fun game but I am basically upset at the Twilight references.

I absolutely hate Twilight as that movie is a disgrace to all vampires.

There is three Twilight references in there.

First of all, the Vampire Sunscreen elixir is stupid. I never want my vampires to sparkle as having vampires sparkle when they hit sunlight is a lame ass way for vampires to be punished for hitting sunlight. I miss the Sims 2 days when vampires actually died for hitting sunlight.

2nd of all, the "Confess watching you sleep" interaction isn't romantic, it's creepy. If a girl told me that she watches me sleep, I would of broke up with her as I would accuse of her of being a stalker.

3rd of all, the promise to protect interaction is stupid because sims don't need to be protected. The only thing I can of a sim needing to be protected is from a zombie apocalypse which I don't think there's anything you can about it except for making cure elixirs.

Not only that, but EA recognizes that a bunch of simmers didn't want Twilight references in the Sims.

Grant: We took inspiration from a lot of vampire fiction

Gamespot Worker: Twilight?

Grant: Not really actually? That is something our fans really freaked out about. They're like "Please Don't Give Us Jacob!"

Gamespot Worker: "Please Don't Make Them Sparkly".

Grant: Yeah, exactly, they're terrified of that and they do not sparkle.

So, basically, EA recognizes that we do not want Twilight references in the game but they still put it in there.

All in all, Supernatural is in fact a fun game. I just would of preferred if they didn't put the Twilight references on there.


  1. I'm not really shocked they'd put some sort of mainstream crap into the game (even if it is just references) after they put out all that crappy Katy Perry stuff.

  2. Yeah but the thing is that no simmers was really Anti-Katy Perry before Sweet Treats where as a bunch of simmers were anti-Twilight before Supernatural and EA basically knew about this.

    Though there is actually a lot of references to a lot of fictional work in Supernatural like Mandrakes are from Harry Potter, the telephone booth is from Doctor Who, and of course we have the Plants vs. Zombies stuff.

  3. There are a couple of other Twilight references I spotted in Supernatural - there is a badge achievement called "Swan Dive" which requires your human sim to break up with their vampire boyfriend, date a werewolf before getting back together with the vampire.

    I can't remember the other one I spotted, but anyway, it's kind of annoying. As you've said above, there are other references taken from pop culture for this expansion - the phone booth travelling machine is my favourite.

  4. I don't know if it was pointed out already but the beach in Moonlight Falls is called La Shove and the beach in Twilight is called La Push... a clear parallel between the too :)

    I understand what your saying though... It made me laugh at first but then I realized how much I hate Twilight and now I am going to think about it all the time :(