Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ke$ha is a weirdo

Okay, I know that there are moments where I can be pretty insane with my mummy town and my love for Lady GaGa. But let me tell you that I do not do and I will not do anything similar to this-

In this article, it explains that Ke$ha ended up woohooing with a ghost. Trust me, having to woohoo with a ghost is pretty freaky. She ended up explaining that experience in Supernatural.

Now, that is just some freaky s**t. I won't go around woohooing with a ghost.

Now, I am expecting Ke$ha to pregnant with a ghost baby, 

If I were to tell Ke$ha one thing, it's that "I wish....

(I'm just kidding. After she stated the cookies line, Angie immediately became my favorite castaway this season of Survivor.)

What I really what to tell her is that "I like your music but you are a very strange person for dinging a ghost."

Edit- Here's a snippet of the song.

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