Thursday, October 25, 2012

I may be banned soon due to a troll

Okay. This is kinda a long story. 

Gatorade3 has been perma-banned for a while and he decided to return to the forums as one of his friends' PathelogicalLie which his friend ended up using. Yesterday, I asked somebody to please post on the thread for my story "Life After The Competition" and I got this answer-

I wasn't sure if it was Gatorade's friend who didn't exactly give Gatorade's permission to let him use her account or Gatorade fooling around as I believe the spit in his hair line would seem something Gatorade would say. Also, take a look at how the post above is in all caps. So, I replied with this post.

And then, the next post realized that this isn't Gatorade posting due to the massive amount of typos and the fact that they didn't call me Jake (which Gatorade knows that is my real name)

If you take a look at the last note, she ended up saying that she reported me for making fun of her "disability". I was upset because

1. I did not know she had a "disability" when I made that post.
2. I don't I was being that rude to her.
3. I did not actual violate any rules in that post.

Because of that, I reported the post which she posted in all caps. I don't believe in banning someone, but I do believe in revenge.

She then stated who she thought was the Mole on the Mole thread which you aren't allowed to do and then told she reported me again.

I then e-mailed Gatorade and he said this-

Thanks to that e-mail, she has been caught in two lies.

1. She pretended to be Gatorade's friend which isn't true.
2. She pretended to have a disability which also isn't true.

I lost all respect for Gatorade's friend's sister just like how I lost all respect when Netherlia lied about dying and then being resurrected and Usergino lying about her gender (The reason why I said her is because Usergino has gotten a gender change).

So, I made a post about her getting caught in her lies and I told all of the rules the account broke on the forums.

She can no longer pretend to have a disability and so she can't get away from people being rude to her when if you are planning to troll, you are generally expected to get a rude response.

If I ended up getting banned because of that troll, then I would simply asked for the real reason why I have gotten banned which there is probably isn't one and I shall be unbanned. However, if I ended up somehow breaking an actual rule, then I talk to the 13-year-old's lawyers and I shall make a new account. 


  1. *rolls eyes*

    Ah...the old, 'I can't spell or be bothered to use spell-checker and someone called me out on it. Quick throw the old, "I have a disability you ass" at them to make them feel bad for my lack of proper spelling and grammar'.

    I wouldn't worry about getting banned; I doubt you will be. I'll be surprised if you get banned and she doesn't.

  2. @BSG- Well, the thing is that EA has banned many simmers before due to stupid/unfair reasons. I remember this one simmer has gotten banned just for warning someone about the rules. It has been about a year since my last ban and I want to never be banned again.

    1. yeah, I know that about EA. ;)

      But if you haven't been banned yet due to this, I don't think you have anything to worry about. When did this all take place? This morning or yesterday? I think her "I reported you" was a empty scare/threat.

      Don't worry, and keep simming. :P :)

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  4. blargh I messed up with my comment, I said that I hope you don't get banned because of this. I mean seriously wtf