Monday, October 15, 2012

The Sim Haus of MummyGaGa Statistics Update

Well, I saw Logan's post about his stats being reset, and because of that, I checked my stats. My stats wasn't reset but I found some very interesting stuff.

First of all, the top google search that redirects people to this blog is.....

I find it sad that more people got to my blog by searching bb14 rumors instead of the sim haus of mummygaga. Considering I have no plans what so ever to finish what I started watching of Big Brother 14, I don't even want bb14 rumors to be the top trend for Big Brother 14.
On another note, take a look at this-

I never have made an Adele sim and I have no plans to make an Adele Sim any time soon.

Now, this is an epic fail.

Notice how they put Once Upon a Time Sims twice.

I never talked about how Daniele Donato looks young for her age (I am assuming that the last couple words in the "Does Daniele Donato Look Young For....." google search are Her Age")

Also, who the heck is mindtrikz and routenmethode? I don't know who those people are.


  1. Mindtrikz is a member on the officials. Don't know why they would be searching for her on your blog though...

    No idea who, or what, routenmethode is.

  2. Actually, a quick google search of her username and this comes up:

    So you must know who she is to some extent.

  3. Oh I remember now. Logan posted a thread about how there be a possible sesert, and mindtrickz went on to troll on that thread.