Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daniele and Dominic from Big Brother 13 are engaged

Now, I have stopped watching the USA version of Big Brother after the poll that let the mentors back in the game (which I considered it to be the most evil thing a person can do in reality tv). However, two of my favorite house guests are getting engaged. They have been my favorite showmance of Big Brother and I am very excited for them to get engaged.

I have been telling people about this and they seem shocked about it. I was kind of shocked that they seem shocked about it. They probably don't watch the live feeds (even though they know Jeff was a douche bag) but I remember they had a segment about Dominic flirting with Daniele Donato.

To Daniele/Dominic (if you are reading this which I doubt), I wish you the best of luck. I rather watch a documentary film with you two getting married instead of Brenchel.

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